How to Be a winning CEO?

How to Be a winning CEO?

Tells Amit Punjabi, Business Coach and Founder, Sankalp Academy.

Amit Punjabi is an accomplished Business Coach is an NLP trainer ( Neuro Linguistic Programing ). And an expert at studying the human mind & its correlation with resulting behavior. He works with start ups helping them realize their full potential; by helping them change their mindsets and break preconceived notions.

A startup that started with only seven hundred rupees in the pocket; and a strong will to change mindsets of the younger generation. By a determined 20 year old Amit Punjabi who set up his company – Sankalp Academy; amidst protests from family and friends.

He failed in his B.Com but instead of sulking in a corner he decided to use the energy. And channelled it into creating something innovative and constructive. That will help the new generation find their own voice; instead of being slotted into existing pre conceived notions of ‘success’, ‘jobs’ and ‘status’.

Today, 8 years later, his family has not only joined him in the business; but has also helped him grow the business. In different directions as he continues to change the lives and mindsets of more and more people; into a positive and powerful one.

He personally chooses to work with start ups and coaches them from the ideation stage to final realisation. And further as he helps them bring alive their dreams. So far, he has trained over 36000 people which includes professionals, start ups and students in India and internationally. As a founder of a company himself, he helps the start up founder hone in on key skills.

That will make the defining difference between a successful venture and a me-too one. Amit Punjabi would like to share his story with you along with key innovative leadership skills. That helps today’s business environment demands ongoing innovation to stay ahead of the pack.

What does it take to be a Winning CEO?

Even though there are millions of CEOs of millions of companies that we come across or hear about everyday. There are very few of them who become well known. There are many successful CEOs of the past who have written books, given interviews and talks. Which prove that there is a huge difference between being a CEO and a winning CEO. Let’s talk about a few qualities and skills that differentiate a winning  CEO from just another CEO.

  1. A Winning CEO creates Winning Strategies: A winning CEO becomes who he/she is because of winning strategies. Everyone makes strategies to make their organization a more successful one but a winning CEO also makes strategies for key people in the organization and in the industry that ensures the success of the organization or company.
  2. A Winning CEO utilises his people : Knowing how to utilize people and their skills for growth is one of the most important attributes of a winning CEO. Everyone who joins an organization or a company has to work and that is a given but do they work to their potential? Mostly no. A CEO is a person who surely manages the company but a winning CEO is much more than that. A winning CEO shifts the way the company works by bringing shifts in the most important resource of any company “people”.
  3. A Winning CEO makes a difference : The most important outcome for a winning CEO is not just to manage but to make a difference. If you continue to manage your people then you will only help them do work but not necessarily grow and if they don’t grow, then neither does the company. Most CEOs today manage their people and yes that ensures the company is working but not necessarily growing. This is exactly why most CEOs of most companies are not well known and if you do not want to be one of them then you will need to start looking at making a difference rather than managing. Only the one’s that are able to make a difference directly impact the growth of their companies and that is one of the most important things that makes them a winning CEO soon they and their strategies become well know.
  4. A Winning CEO is also a Mentor : What will make sure that the people of an organization or a company are working to their potential is mentoring. A winning CEO is not a manager but a mentor. A mentor is the only one who can provide people with the clarity of how to become better at what they do and how to deliver better results. Not all employees would necessarily look up to a manager but everyone surely looks up to a mentor.

For you to become a winning CEO, you will need to learn to develop strategies as a mentor and not a manger. You will need to start focusing on facilitating growth rather than managing it. A CEO may know how things work but a winning CEO will always know how to make things better and more efficient.

As a winning CEO, you must know that people hate being managed but love being helped. And that is exactly what you need to do. Don’t manage them on making things better, but mentor them on how to do it and become more efficient. Following these simple strategies of mentoring and making a difference you will soon reach a point where people around you are not just working to their potential but growing their potential as well.


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