“Instead of talking about one failure, it will be better to say I have multiple cases of non-optimal situations which I have overcome by being persistent, learning from situations and adapting. Usually, I prefer to see things that way rather than downright failures,” shared Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia

Initiated in 2001 by Daan Teunissen and a group of senior Java specialists in the Netherlands, Xebia has grown from a company with a handful of employees based out of the founder’s home into a $100 million company. In the constant endeavour exploring new frontiers for success in various countries across the globe, they acknowledged and set up in India in 2006 and continued to spread their footprint and expanded globally to Middle East, USA, UK and built a substantial presence in Indian cities like Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, the mini Silicon Valleys of India.

Adding to the entrepreneurial upcycling in India, the visionary leading the Xebia in India, Anand Sahay has been leveraging his experiential knowledge from earlier parts of the career to strengthen what Xebia does. They are making a mark in cutting edge technology and exploring and creating new frontiers having been known for their prolific and profound open source contributions.

In the digital era, enabling digital transformation by focusing on accelerating software development using cutting edge tools and processes, Xebia has enabled businesses to leverage the strength of technology and remain at the forefront of their business. With Xebia’s strong passion for in-depth technology in combination with lean, agile and scrum practices, they ensure that digital transformation initiatives are embedded in the fabric of the organization’s ecosystem resulting in sustainable and inclusive development for all stakeholders.


The Xebia team has been engineering services and solutions addressing digital strategy, agile transformations, DevOps & continuous delivery, big data & data science, cloud infrastructures, agile software development, quality & test automation, and agile software security to enhance customer experience and craft an edge to leading brands across different industries inclusive of Aviation, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, and E-Commerce industries. Xebia team of professionals have been enabling them to expand their footprints on a global scale.


Xebia is known for turning the latest technology trends into a significant competitive advantage for customers by creating new solutions. They believe every industry is embracing digital transformation to bring a paradigm shift in their customer experience. Xebia provides intensive learning programs and industry-specific courses through Xebia Academy Global, an education business unit of Xebia with state-of-the-art training facilities across the globe. It provides training on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, Microsoft, Agile Frameworks and Full Stack Development. Xebia enjoys a global presence and while different geographies come with their own sets of challenges and advantages, their current challenge is the ‘education around technology’.

“Today, in terms of technology, we are only constrained by our own imagination. If we can imagine it and understand the tools around us, we can build solutions, integrated frameworks, and simply solve problems that deserve tech insight. While we pride on our human capital, it is becoming all the more difficult to keep ready a healthy pipeline of folks who are passionate about technology and are skill ready to use cutting edge technologies,” emphasised Anand


With a strong clientele in the banking sector, Xebia is looking forward assisting them in digitizing their processes, improving mobile and online banking applications, and building “Future of Banking” concepts to maintain the close connection with the clients. On the other hand, the airline companies are looking for ways to enhance the customer experience across the entire travel value chain inclusive of pre-booking, reservations, price optimisation, loyalty programs, in-flight experience, and using analytics to provide improved customer experience by rolling out programs that could provide a fillip to their businesses. This approach has helped Xebia cultivate long-term relationships with over 65 global prestigious clients.


“True knowledge workers find Xebia an inspiring place to work where they are challenged by peers. In Xebia it’s not just about working on the technology, but about harnessing the collective creativity and innovation to create something new; it’s about making a difference!” shared Anand Sahay

Xebia offers open work culture, flat hierarchy, independence provides a perfect balance to their people to innovate and also create quality software. They lay great emphasis on the personal development and growth of its people, investing heavily in the knowledge sharing and refinement of skills, through various knowledge sharing programs like XKE’s, XTR, Blogs.

Employees at Xebia are free to choose the training that would aid and enhance their potential, from anywhere in the world! Xebia Knowledge Exchange (XKE) provided a fortnightly forum to learn and share the latest and greatest in technology. Techies are encouraged to blog, write books, and participate in new and emerging technology events. This encourages the team to grow as they share the common goal is to solve the problem of the clients by providing the right solution with the right technologies and practices.


To encourage the women employees and to increase their number, they run a program called #SheTalksTech where they organise mentorship programs where all women professionals can discuss with an experienced Xebian about their aspirations, areas of interest, challenges faced, and get the support required to grow professionally.


Xebia has been predominantly innovating on the tech side of the business. In the future, they intend to verticalize their services where they start innovating on the domain side of the business. Xebia will start with creating Banking and Financial services & Airlines as 2 domains where new ideas will be conceptualized to disrupt the business processes itself.


In 2007 and 2008, Xebia was awarded PwC High Growth Award, Computable Best Business Case, and Deloitte Technology fast 50 Awards. They have also been recognised as “Great Places to Work” and “Cool vendor by Gartner” award. Xebia has been ranked amongst top companies in the strategy category in the latest application release automation report by Forrester.

Xebia also got featured in the IT market clock for Mobile application development (Report by Deloitte). Recently, Xebia won at the NATC Awards 2019 where Xebia’s Big Data team won the Technology Excellence Award in the Emerging Technology category. The awarded project was the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) implementation to eliminate repetitive and manually interactive processes and helped the client to drive efficiency, productivity, consistency, and accuracy.


Being immensely inspired by Peter Thiel’s zero to one philosophy, Anand understands that there is no formula for success, except consistency. He shares, “Nobody but you yourself can teach yourself to be more consistent and more innovative when you are at it. To be an entrepreneur means you are trying to do something for tomorrow and there’s no sure shot way of getting it right. My only advice would be to follow your heart and then see if the market wants what you want to build/ create.”


Since inception, for the entrepreneur, the journey, which is ongoing, is full of self- discovery and of understanding how people work. Being a software development company, xebians constantly look for new ways to thrive and enhance their capabilities through partnerships to implement more end to end and innovative solutions for the customers.

“We vision to a leading brand in the industry and have partnered with the industry’s top technology providers to enable collaboration and provide the right kind of solutions to our customers. Digital transformation is permeating industries like aviation, banking, healthcare, retail, or e-commerce has been enabling companies to expand their footprints on a global scale,” proudly shares the business leader Anand Sahay


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