With the business process industry taking over the market worldwide, how is our company contributing to the bigger picture in terms of services? Well, a question that every brand has been raising presently is answered by one name, Employee Pooling Resources, a business services company that leverages technology and a global workforce to give employers a proven way to maximize current employee knowledge, skills and abilities.

Since inception in 2011, Employee Pooling Resources Pvt. Ltd. has been helping brands reach their optimum potential by liberating their highly skilled employees from the mundane and repetitive daily tasks allowing them to focus on nurturing customer relationships, deepening customer penetration and increasing sales to drive revenue and increase profit margin.

Spearhead by the dynamic leaders Mr. Tom Gray (Founder of Employee Pooling in US). Mr. Harpreet Singh (CEO and Founder of Employee Pooling Resources in India), Mr. Jasvinder Singh (CFO, EPR), Mr. Harmeet Singh (COO, EPR) with years of domain expertise, they offer businesses with proven techniques to confiscate obstacles that get in the way of nurturing customer relationships and increasing sales. Working exclusively with the small and mid-sized American companies, enabling everyone to reap the benefits of overseas support, Employee Pooling Resources has crafting stories of uplifted brands by orchestrating a range of solutions from their facilities in their home office located in Nashville, Tennessee; EPR’s processing centre is located in Janakpuri, New Delhi in a modern facility


 “We, at EPR, have acknowledged the key and rising demand in outsourcing, we primarily focus on customer centricity and satisfactory customer services to thrive in the market. Employee Pooling Resources management panel has invested in a team of service providers who are well-trained in customer service and converse in impeccable American English and can solve even the smallest problem. Moreover, with our head office in Nashville, Tennessee we support our customers 24×7 without omitting any important information. To stand out in the crowd, we offer a very low cost, effective as to the cost of an intern for highly skilled professional when compared to a US employee specialized in various processes, like Health Insurance (Case Management and Applications), Commission (Modules and Reconciliation) and Mortgage,” shares CEO Mr. Harpreet Singh


To stand with or to beat the competition, Employee Pooling Resources has a robust team of both fresh and highly experienced and skilled employees who are flexible enough in any order to work on any project or process. In our endeavour, we have and aim to ensure that every client who avails our outsourcing management services can be assured of the best service in the world.

Employee Pooling Resources is underpinned with ‘dedicating fractional shares of departmental specialists and their management hierarchies, all for the price of an intern, to meet your service standards day-in and day-out’ value proposition where their team is:

  • “Dedicated” – Every brand is assigned with service providers who become part of the company’s fabric.
  • “Fractional shares” – EPR sells full-time equivalents (“FTEs”)- slices of time, and not whole units; therefore, you are only invoiced for services delivered.
  • “Departmental Specialists” – EPR dedicated service provider will be fully trained on your system, processes, and the department(s) to which they are assigned. EPR service providers are already experts on the leading applications in the respective industries in which they work.
  • “Management Hierarchies” – EPR’s dedicated service providers are managed and supervised by team leaders and operations directors, unlike a staffing company.
  • For the “cost effective” – EPR allows brands to leverage services along with reducing project and processing costs.
  • Scalability to maintain stability – EPR meets with the scalability challenges including the daily, weekly, and seasonal ebb and flow of business so your service standards are met day-in and day-out.


As a BPO, EPR has been deploying numerous tools of technology and CRMs like Salesforce, One HQ, Smart office and AI (Agency Integrator) which are helping them in making their work easier and faster for getting resolutions to their clients. The CEO, Mr. Harpreet Singh, shares “As far as BPO industry is concerned, I believe that three major trends expected to emerge in BPO technology in upcoming future includes an emphasis on process automation, focus on social media management tools, investments in cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).”


“Our key motto is to keep our client happy as we strongly believe that a happy customer will always add to our revenue by their feedback we can attract more customers. In a world of word to mouth marketing, we need to treat the customers with utmost care” Harpreet Singh proudly shares.

Employee Pooling, LLC (“EP”) has its home office in Nashville, TN, USA while its processing centre, Employee Pooling Resources, Pvt. Ltd. is located in New Delhi, India, the brand has ensured to keep in sync with its promises of delighted clients with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification in its facility for its integrated security management system attesting to their commitment to provide clients with the highest quality work product.


Since February 2011, EPR has worked as an around-the-clock processing centre for insurance brokerage general agencies providing assistance and turn-key solutions to distributors and carriers and the vendors that serve both and mortgage businesses services handling marketing for loan officers.

EPR’s team of specialized Case Managers and Application Managers assist the clients in streamlining processes, improving cash flow, increasing revenue, and decreasing overhead throughout the US with deep knowledge and insight. As defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) of 1996 and its related regulations, to perform services for its customers EPR ensures handling of sensitive, personally identifiable information, including occasionally handling Protected Health Information (“PHI”). EPR Real Estate Services handles marketing for Realtors allowing the efficient use of time and help them be more productive.


Over the years, Employee Pooling Resources has been certified by various authorities including the International Standards Organization (“ISO”) and the 27001:2013 certifications. The International Standards Organization® (“ISO”) / International Electro-technical Commission (“IEC”) is a joint standardization sub-committee of the ISO who publishes the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard, among other standards. The ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates standards for information technology, security techniques, and information security management systems. The last revision of ISO/IEC 27001 standards was in 2013; hence, the latest standard is titled “ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

“EPR will continue to grow with its core values of maintaining the integrity and privacy of client information. EPR makes administrative, physical, and technical safeguards a priority in all its business dealings to protect client information. EPR is always evaluating its current security processes and our practices are constantly critiqued to reflect evolving technology, laws, and business practices. We are looking forward to expanding and adding more strength and infrastructure to their current organization.” emphasised Mr. Harpreet Singh


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