Why The M.Premium Account Is a Great Place to Start Your Trading Career

Investing your money is an excellent way to help it grow. The old ways of saving money are safe, but they don’t leave much room for growth. After all, interest rates are at record lows, which means the ROI will be even lower than previously, and it wasn’t very high then. Of course, being a beginner doesn’t make it easy because your lack of skill and experience can get in the way. You want to make money, not lose it by making silly mistakes. If that’s the case, opening an M.Premium account could be the compromise you’re searching for as there is less exposure. Here’s why.

Copy Trades

For those who have never come across copy trades before, the reality is that you can pick a person that you believe to be trustworthy and do exactly what they do investment-wise. There isn’t a law against plagiarism in stocks or forex, so there’s no need to worry. More importantly, following a person with experience and a proven track record is a fantastic way to hit the ground running. Whereas lots of novices fall into investment traps, you can swerve the obstacles by taking the lead of someone who has been there and done it before. By creating a portfolio of people rather than assets, which an M.Premium account lets you do very easily, you can start making money from the outset.

Leverage Rates

A leverage ratio is an amount you get back for every stake you place. For example, if you invest £1, you might expect to get £10 or even £100. The better the rate, the more money you stand to make without increasing your liability. For that reason, profitable leverages are hard to come by, unless you have an M.Premium account. The leverage ratio is up to 1:1000, which means you can receive £1,000 for every £1 you pump into a project. Of course, you can multiply it by 1,000 for every increase in your stake, meaning there are lucrative opportunities for beginners.


A bonus is welcome as it lets you take advantage of money that isn’t yours. Some say using other people’s wealth is the best way to get rich! With an M.Premium account, you can finally decide whether the motto is true or not since there is a 200% deposit bonus for M.Premium account holders that are new to trading. You can even choose the welcome offer that suits you best as you get to pick the bonus. 200% is the maximum on offer, so you have the potential to earn a lot of money by simply investing a small amount.

Fast Orders

When you spot value, you want to act decisively to avoid missing out. Therefore, it’s imperative that orders are processed rapidly, and that you’re not left waiting on a reply. With MTrading, everything is verified by VerifyMyTrade, which has audited a sample of 5,000 order executions from MTrading alone. For novice traders, this level of response is essential because it’s easy to talk yourself out of making money if an order is left for too long.

Why is the M.Premium account a great place to start your trading career? It’s because trades are made simple, the returns on investments are high and users are eligible for healthy bonuses. With execution orders being rapid, there are plenty of reasons to choose MTrading.

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