Why Should I Avoid Free WordPress Hosting?

You have landed on this page that means you are probably considering hosting your website on free WordPress hosting. As a newbie blogger or website owner, you might be thinking to start with free hosting and then change to a premium at a later stage. No doubt, there are several web hosting companies that offer free Web Hosting services that you can easily avail for your website.

While the promise of getting something free is always enticing, there are some hidden costs with free WordPress hosting and this is what makes it almost a bad idea. It makes your website slow, insecure and many other disadvantages.

We did not mean to scare you, but such a thing happens to site owners who choose free WordPress hosting instead of a premium one.

Reading the list below, you will understand why you should avoid free WordPress hosting:

The Site will be Slow

If you are building your website, it is important your site loads quickly. Google users page speed as a ranking factor in both its mobile and desktop results. If your site has a slower load time, it probably has higher bounce rates it means more people leave your site without engaging.

When you sign up for even a famous WordPress host, you will find it frustrating to even do actions in the WordPress dashboard because everything would be very slow. Overall, your visitors will get poor users to experience on the front end, and you will get poor user experience on the backend also.

Storage and Bandwidth Limits

If you go for the free WordPress hosting, you only get 1 to 2 GB storage with a free plan at best that does not provide you with a lot of flexibility. Some are even lower, at 300 MB or less.

It might be enough for a simple and small WordPress site but you can quickly hit that limit according to the number of the plugin you are using and the size of the images and videos you upload to your site.

Apart from this, you also get stress about hitting your bandwidth limit in case your site gets too many visitors. It is a big deal as most free hosts will shut down a website that uses too much bandwidth. Many cheap shared hosts offer unlimited storage and bandwidth that means with a small amount you get rid of the hit limit.

Security Reasons

For paid web hosting services, companies proactive security means and scanning because they have a financial benefit in keeping your site clean and well-going. Most of the WordPress hosts also offer free, easy-to-install SSL certificates these days. It provides you with a green padlock in visitor’s browsers. It also helps you secure the data that passes between your visitors and your website.

But when it comes to the free WordPress hosting, you do not get a free SSL certificate with free hosting that leaves your data open to malicious actors which it is in transit.

Lack of Support

When you get paid hosting service, you get 24/7 support via email or live chat at a minimum situation. It is important because where you need to make use of that support. Even if you have good experience in managing WordPress site; you still need to reach out to your host’s support for help.

Going for a free WordPress hosting, you will get zero support and very minimal support through the forum or something similar. In the best-case scenario, you get very limited ticket support with most free hosts going with just a community support forum.

Site May Get Archived/Deleted

Most free WordPress hosting providers try to save a resource that means they periodically purge inactive sites to remove dead weight.

In case, your website goes through a period of inactivity, you could accidentally end up on the wrong side of these purges and completely lose your website. So, if you do not want to get the pressure of remembering to log in every so often, it is better to pay for a host that will not purge you if you go inactive for long.

Apart from getting site shut down for inactivity, your WordPress site can go down for other types of suspension in free WordPress hosting service.

The suspension policies vary according to the host, but they will usually be the same in this respect. It is a fact that paid hosts can also suspend your site, they have a financial incentive, not to that makes it much less of an issue.

So these are major reasons or answers when you go through the question Why Should I Avoid Free WordPress hosting?

Let us know what you think about this article. We will be happy to help you.

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