What can be done to improve the attitude towards female – Amit Bikram Mohanty

What can be done to improve the attitude towards female?

It has been observed that many of the incidents happened in the recent past towards women, are due to low or no respect for women. Girls were attacked, tortured, raped and even harassed in the public places. So it directs to the fact that the society has been downgraded in terms of values, ethics and moral. It is a shameful event for each individual in our country.

What is more significant that India which considers female as “Devi” (goddess) has lowest respect for them now. Why girls fear to come out on the road in night? Why they are harassed or molested in broad day light? Are not we man enough to conduct our characters? Is it due to westernization of society?? Shall we preserve our precious tradition or become like another ISIS state?? There are thousands of questions like this which could and should trouble a normal citizen of India. Girls also possess equal rights under constitution. So I must call those people no better than cowards who act against the rights of women.

In my view there are many steps which need to be taken to avoid these kinds of situations:

  1. First and foremost moral education should be provided to each and every individual at every stage of their life not just during their childhood days. Because a child may have a good moral, but due to bad social circle he may change his perception towards female in his young days. So they should be aware of this all the time.
  2. Culture comes from the home itself. So we need to identify the areas where the girls are discriminated unduly. Then corrective steps can be taken to change the male genre’s attitude towards girls. Each individual should respect other person, be it a male or female.
  3. A free society can be built where everyone knows the pros and cons of their conduct and what are the benefits of it. As it is observed that not only illiterate people but highly qualified persons are also part of this crime.
  4. Very quick justice required for the victims. Stronger message should go to public. Police must be vigilant in nabbing the culprit. Many times it is seen that both parties come to compromise after threatening messages or offering money.
  5. More and more people should protest against this kind of behavior. A good and free society is good for all.
  6. People should engage more in the dialogue process with girls if any problem arises than acting violent against them. Talk is the best way to solve any problem.
  7. If anybody does wrong, then the next person should not think it is none of his business to intervene. He must take the initiative to correct this.
  8. We must act towards increased participation of women in all aspects of society. They should be empowered more effectively. Now we are talking of 33 percent reservation for women. Instead of 33% why do not we make it 50 percent if female population is near 50%?

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