Small business, a solution provider that is working to make ends meet and my lack the essential financial resources to put in the marketing budget especially when the business is new, they are of operations is new and no one is aware of the business in the competitive market.

We, at The CEO Magazine, the fastest growing business magazine in India, have acknowledged this problem in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and we hope to guide the leaders who are ready to skyrocket the business and change the market with their solutions with the solutions to these queries. What makes them stand out in the cut-throat competitive environment is their sheer zeal to succeed and these easy, effective and affordable marketing strategies:


While promoting your brands through business magazines are a good idea as today they are available online as well, but it can be done only when you are done with some basic steps. First of which is using Google My Business, a particularly useful tool for local businesses with a local customer base. This tool allows the people in the local area searching on Google for the product or service you provide have your business to appear near the top of that search.

Perfect to capture the potential customers see your profile and accompanying good reviews at or near the top of the list, your business automatically gains credibility and people will be more willing to try.


If you have a range of products that you want to sell online or services that you want to be availed by the people, a website is a great way to again use Google to showcase your brand online.

  • BLOGS: Now, the benefits of a website cannot be emphasised enough. It is a platform also for your blogs to help the people reach your website. These informative blogs are useful and essential to business growth.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation: Well, to boost your website, you can take into consideration both the on-page and off-page optimisation to increase the ranks. With relevant keywords related to your business industry, putting compressed images and other activities, one can have an on-page optimisation, while for off-page, blog commenting, backlinks from high domain authority websites like a renowned digital business magazine is effective for marketing and promotion.
  • LANDING PAGES: Another part of the website is the landing pages, basically pages that will be seen after someone reaches your website by clicking on a link, so to make this effective, can be done with the trendy landing pages which are easy for the audience to engage with.


If you are an HR agency or any other agency, it is evident that you are dealing with a lot of data and this data needs to be focused on and worked upon. So, the email marketing tools are effective there as they help in drafting emails, scheduling them and also the responses if there is or there is not a reply to the mails. In such a condition, well, the brand has to be availing tools like GMASS.


No matter which industry one belongs to what age group they are targeting, social media presence is essential, it is how people know about your brand and also the numbers here are a deal maker or breaker as they represent your credibility. One can network with the business associates as well through platforms like LinkedIn.


Yes, as we have talked about the website and how one can sell through them. But how exactly one can earn through them. The conversion tools come in the picture here as they are the tools that collect the email IDs of the potential customers, which can be further attended with via email marketing tools. Thus converting them into paying customers.

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