Top Affiliate Marketing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

If you are still following the same 5 years old affiliate marketing strategies, then you are doing it wrong. Affiliate marketing trends come and go and while some strategies remain true if you fail to adjust to the industry trends, you will soon see yourself suddenly lost at sea.

In recent years, online marketing has been going high rapidly, and affiliate marketing is not an expectation. Whether you are just planning to set up your own business with affiliate programs or revitalize an existing problem, you must be aware of the latest trends.

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For your help, we have compiled here a list of top affiliate marketing trends that will help you to stay ahead of the curve and boost your revenue this year.

1 Video Content

Video Content

Video has been a rising trend since the internet began thanks to gradually increasing internet speeds and user bandwidth provision.

Presently, more and more people prefer video content to gain knowledge and to entertain themselves. And, as per the latest survey 95% of viewers can remember a call to action after watching a video and only 10% acquire it when reading it. It shows that video content will be kind in the upcoming time.

2 Audio content

Audio content

Video is not along here, audio content is also considered among the top affiliate marketing trends. It is a fact that text and video both need more attention than audio. Audio can be played in the background, it means more audio content can be consumed. However, it can be tough to grab attention.

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Affiliate marketing with audio is tricky as you cannot click a sound but that does not mean you cannot affiliate with it. Podcasts have show notes that have clickable links and you can easily create simple URLs with redirects to send traffic.

3 Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is another evolution in affiliate marketing. It is not done like the traditional banner-ads format, but instead carefully slipped into the content. As per the studies, native advertising will be excessively popular in 2021 and will be one of the biggest affiliate marketing trends.

Actually, with so much exposure to banner ads, users have developed a sort of banner blindness; it means our brains are filtering out unnecessary stimuli, leading to a complete disregard towards banners.

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So as we are side-lining ads to focus on content, this is an excellent idea to place ads in the content itself. In these efforts, trends like influencer-marketing and advertorials will have more traction.

4 Micro-Influencers


Micro-influencers have a smaller number of followers (ex. – 1,000 to 100,000), followers. These people mainly target a small segment of the audiences with the same interest such as fashion, cooking, health, travelling, etc.

Despite having a few followers, micro-influencers are likely to have a more engaged following. With high engagement rates, posts of micro-influencer easily reach the top of their audience’s feed. Also, micro-influencer is perceived as more genuine. People take them as the actual consumers of the promoted product. These days, micro-influences are emerging as one of the top affiliate marketing trends in India.

5 B2B Advertising

B2B Advertising

There is a great increment in B2B marketing. These days, more and more B2B industries are opening themselves to affiliate marketing. And that is why; affiliate marketers are no longer limited just to B2C campaigns.

Affiliate programs mainly for web hosting are lucrative, given their high-volume, high-payout structure.

6 Localized Advertising

Localized Advertising

Now, localization is not just about reaching the local audience, it also means to reach their mind. In order to do so, affiliate marketers are studying the cultures of their audience, researching about what works and what doesn’t, staying up to date with their trends, and understanding their lifestyles as well as priorities.

This latest affiliate marketing trend leads to a much more curated marketing experience. Your niche is a group of people from different backgrounds. Everyone interacts with your product in a different way.

7 Seasonal Advertising

Seasonal Advertising

There was a time when marketers were affiliated with the same products and brands until the end of time. Presently, as and when there is a shift in seasons, there is also a shift in the products most advertised. A lot of brands and marketers are progressing with the changing trends and leveraging them, thanks to data-tracking tools.

It is among the top affiliate marketing trends and it is already gaining traction.

 These are some of the Top Affiliate Marketing Trends that are set to dominate the affiliate landscape. We hope with this post, you will get enough idea how you can grow your business in 2020.

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