Coronavirus pandemic that initiated in 2019, continues to increase infecting more people day by day across the world in 2020. Many developing countries enriched with medical equipment and expertise along with developing countries are affected and have forced their many citizens who are kept in isolation, protected inside their homes, waiting for the circumstances to get better.

And for the working population, or people who are looking for jobs, or opportunity to start a small business, well, it is a difficult time but you are not alone, and there are opportunities one can avail sitting at home when it comes to being productive and earning. The internet has offered various options as answers to the job search during the lockdown, including online freelancing jobs or taking online courses which can help you in further terms.

At The CEO Magazine, well, we have compiled these options to offer you ease and help you deal with this tough time with these top work from home job options that can help you to earn better during COVID-19 Lockdown

  • Web Development: Well, if you always wondered that you will learn to code when you will have the time, this is the opportunity. Don’t you think so? So, if you have an interest in coding and web designing, then you cannot ignore this perfect timing, learn, and easily work from home as a web developer as there are plenty of opportunities for other freelancing web developers. The web development job option, well, is generally outsourced by companies and to find your position, build a good reputation and keep your pricing reasonable.
  • Content Writing: Digital platforms work with content, from information-oriented to advertisements, content is the king, it is what you sue to communicate to the target audience. Thus, content writing becomes one of the most admired professions. This option on our list of top options for your job search has a massive demand for well researched and well-written web content, and recruiters are always looking out for people who are expertise in the same field. What you require is a good grab of grammar, an appealing writing style, and the skills of being a well-researched writer, if you have these, then start searching for a freelance job.
  • SEO Specialist: One being in the industry in the past couple of years must have heard the boost in the roles of SEO specialists with businesses going global and receiving success through internet. But today in the lockdown, well, it is a job option you must explore as the need for an SEO Specialist is increasing rapidly in this freelance world because every business owner wants to rank his/her website exceedingly on Google and other search engines. You can start by taking projects from clients and assuring them to increase their organic traffic with your expertise in this field, and eventually, you will have a verified track record of getting an arrival of clients.
  • Graphic Designer: It won’t be wrong that people today have some sort of skills in the digital platform and if they don’t, they can start learning and practising with the time they have on their hands. If you have knowledge and skills of the software and the designing techniques, choosing graphic designing is the best job opportunity and most in-demand skill list. Remember content being the kind, well, it does include images and videos which require thumbnails, so you can go through various in designing web pages, infographics or design for print and many other related tasks to earn well.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Social media, look around you, whether you are in the lockdown with your family or roommates, or you are just alone, well, social media networks today do not host to a certain age group or demographic, it is for everyone and most of the people are online, which means target audience who might be interested in enrolling for a course, or buying something that can be delivered. And so, you have a chance to promote these brands with your digital and online strategies, and updated with the marketing trends. This job opportunity gives a chance to people who are an online expert and keen towards exploring more of new things all-around social media websites. Many businesses require helping hands which can outlook their social media outlets and maintain the proper consistency.
  • Teacher/ Trainer: Knowledge and skills can be shared through any platform, one must have the want and skills to share them and if you do love teaching kids or other school grade students or any professional as well, well, this option is the right job for you. You can search for the job of a private tutor and start giving students additional teachings after school or coaching pupils online or search for jobs where people are looking to learn from a professional.
  • Copy Writer: While they may sound the same, copywriters are not the same as content writers. They are different from writers, who may write about any topic as they have an area of specialization in writing content for website pages and descriptions for products and services. Now, in the modern online favoured world, this is a profitable job option that depends upon your experience and skill if you are experienced then the charge work rates are set accordingly.
  • Internet security specialist: Data, the new age asset companies deal with, cannot be compromised at any point and in the today’s scenario where hacking is way too common, and it is taking place frequently for every business model. And it is certain that with so many hackers targeting business and startups, internet security jobs are in high demand. So, do you hold the skills to cope with hacking issues easily? If yes, then this job fits you and you can also make a lot of money out of it.


The pandemic has affected a lot of lives, it has shut down the normal system of work but with the internet, well, no everything is out of hand and coping is essentially easier than it would be without internet. This is your cue to get started in this COVID-19 scenario by taking up these freelancing jobs is the best way to beat your free time. These above mention job options in COVID-19 are the wide opportunities in front of you and for you to continue working from home after coronavirus pandemic ends.

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