India’s top business leaders but also the great business personalities of India who have been contributing to most of the GDP of the country

India as a country has a lot of talented minds and when it comes to the business scenario, it has a lot of people who come under the list of the top business leaders in India.

We are not only going to inform you about India’s top business leaders but also the great business personalities of India who have been contributing to most of the GDP of the country.

To set our enterprising adventures on point, we take a gander at various areas of achievement to direct our way forward and no.1 businessmen are someone who comes to our mind.

On a global level, it can be from Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and, Warren Buffet, but in India, we have many examples who are there to get motivated before we go global, yes, the top Indian business leaders and CEOs who we usually oversee.


Mukesh Ambani is the no. 1 businessman of India based on the ranking of 2019 Indian billionaires with 90 billion of income from oil and gas goliath Reliance Industries, among India’s most significant organizations.


The Indian business tycoon plays the role of chairman of Wipro Limited and has a net worth of US $7.2 billion as of October 2019. One of the top industry leaders in India quotes “Success is achieved twice. Once in the mind and the second time in the real world” among others demonstrate how he as one of powerful person in India thinks.


The ‘Man of Steel’ Lakshmi Mittal is the third richest man in India and the proprietor of the world’s biggest steelmaker ArcelorMittal. “Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them”, in these difficult times that we are facing, Mittal’s quote is essential to take into consideration.


Four Hinduja siblings of the Hinduja Group are by and large known as Hinduja Brothers. The Hinduja Group is a worldwide combination. A portion of the significant auxiliaries of the Hinduja Group was Ashok Leyland, IndusInd Bank and, Gulf Oil Corporation. The total assets of the Hinduja Brothers remained at US$ 13.6 billion in June 2015


The Indian billionaire industrialist is the founder and chairman of GCL, a brand that was established as an IT company that transformed with redefined focus every few years for three decades to ensure relevance in IT solutions of India. The leader has also focused on deploying efforts in developing India’s education system over the years.

Top businesswomen in India


She is an Indian billionaire entrepreneur who has transformed the Indian biotechnology field with her brand Biocon Limited. One of the most powerful leaders in India and a woman in business, Kiran has a total net worth of US$ 3.1 Billion as per January 2020. From being the only women enrolled in the brewing course in Melbourne university and a topper of the same to being rejected in India to become a head brewer as “it was a man’s job”, Kiran has overcome various challenges based on her gender to the market and became what she is today.


 A female entrepreneur, co-founder and COO of MobiKwik, a fin-tech startup that is a virtual wallet that is tied to a vast network of companies and services is one of the successful women’s names in India. The leader with a strong background in fintech has co-founded the application that allows people to recharge and pay at registered places through Mobikwik wallet.

Richa Kar: One of the successful corporate

leaders in India, Richa hails from conventional family background and is someone who went a step ahead to launch her lingerie store named ZivameIn 2011. Before launching Zivame, the business leader worked with IT companies and from that stage to today, she is one of the most influential female entrepreneurs.


Understanding and voicing what women think and want is something that this women entrepreneur has done. She is one of the most innovative women entrepreneurs in India who founded Menstrupedia, a company that aims at spreading awareness about menstruation. She is a TED speaker and also the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni.


Well, women leaders across the globe have not only been representing themselves as strong women who are capable of achieving any goal at par or above with their male colleagues but also as a businesswoman who are very successful at what they do. Shubhra Chadda is one of these innovative woman entrepreneur and co-founder of Chumbak i.e. an online lifestyle brand that sells customized funky and quirky stuff with over 120 retail outlets all across the country.

Business Leaders in India have been changing the face of doing business and they have been having been earning from specific industries and also from diversified sources. Everyone in their life has thought about starting their own business, but we have a lot of factors to blame on and while stuck in quarantine, it is a time for the startup owners who took the risk or about to take the risk to start working. However, one has to find the right motivation.

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