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The business trips we plan are not always about endless work and no fun. Filled with cuddle-worthy cushions and snuggly sheets are hotels, the excitement is hitting the adrenaline level, the scenery keeps changing like the sunset hues and oh the number of palatable options to explore for dining.

From exotic fine-dine with clients to experimenting with specials of the city from the food trucks becomes the rave. However, amidst this belly hustle for food and touring through these mouthwatering food stalls, what we forget to realize is the fact that everything that makes our Instagram feed worth envy is just not right for our health.

With all the amplifying frequency of travel, jet lags, hectic flying schedules, it only gets difficult to maintain health and the right kind of food while on the run. In addition, all the more disastrous is the keen urge to travel and try something new, partially out of the will and partially out of peer pressure.

There is this natural tendency to let go, eat, become all laid back, even if it is a business trip, it still is a trip, a few extra glasses of wine on the airport or a little extra shots of caffeine in the morning to wake up from those wine doses seems really fine, when it clearly isn’t.

Hence, here are a few tricks that you can pick on if you are on a business trip to make sure that health is not compromised or jeopardized while on the go;

  • If you are a frequent flyer and are familiar with the kind of food served in flights, make a request for food accordingly. Try to go green, avoid cold cuts or frozen meat from the flights that are a booster to bad health. Pick on low-fat choices, if they only serve snacks, blind off to those entire peanut and chips cravings. For your travel cravings, carry your healthy cart with you full of fruits, salads, hummus, whole-wheat bread, pumpkin seeds, nuts etc.
  • Make reservations for your stay in a hotel that offers rooms well equipped with microwave, stove, and refrigeration. In addition, while you are on your way to the hotel or even prior, look for a local grocery where you can load up on some fresh natural food. Stack up with those low calories, ready to eat meals that have low sodium and fat contents.
  • A very good way to keep away from all that soda and alcohol is giving up on the key to that refrigerator, of course only if you know that you will be tempted towards those unhealthy snacks. Avoid ordering the late night services and the best way to do it is continuing to sleep on the time in your regular schedules. Late night meals are the worst to cut because they do not easily digest which encourages gain in weight, imbalance in the system and restlessness. If just before sleeping you got cravings, have a little herbal tea or a piece of fruit, it will subside your hunger and calm your craving down as well.
  • Whoever said muffins were good for health, was just kidding, or had a major sweet tooth, because as beautifully healthy they look, they are not, so avoid. You will go for breakfast early out of bed, do not jump on those muffins, and go for a cereal bowl with proteins. There are approximately 500+ calories in all these doughnuts, muffins, bagels, croissant etc. and remember picking fresh fruits for a little snack treat to yourself later, it will save you from the random mid-day hunger.
  • Shying away is just not the option, not for someone who is spending too much time flying for business trips from one place to another. Therefore, when you and your colleagues decide to pick a place to eat, put across that you are looking to dine in somewhere that offers food that is beneficial for health. In addition, if you still end up in a place offering a plate full of calories, make customized requests. As restaurants have to take care of food allergens, they also preferable take care of healthy options to meet customer demands.
  • Ask about the portion size at the restaurant before you order, many restaurants order portions too big to finish. If you have already made your order and the portion is too big to finish, do not feel obligated to stuff it all in, get it packed and eat it later.

Treat your business trip like just another day at work and you will be able to take care of your health far better, if you are going to sway away at all the trips like a holiday and keep hogging food while you binge watch the episodes of ‘Cosmos’ on Netflix, that’s not going to help your fitness at all. Try incorporating physical activities and walk to your destinations, as much as you can. This will help maintain work and health balance and benefit you in the end.

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