Latest Issues of The CEO Magazine

Latest Issues of The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine (TCM) knows how important it is to read magazines periodically to update readers, so the publication aims to ensure the reading materials continue to be available to those who want informative resources to empower their business. Understanding what entrepreneurs decide today could have a huge impact on what India decides tomorrow, TCM keeps its readers updated through its monthly edition.

As a publication of The CEO Magazine, whose reputation rests on reliability, each issue values accuracy, credibility and exclusivity. The magazine researches, reports and reveals “List of the Companies” honestly, timely and fairly.

The CEO Magazine (TCM), based on what’s going on in the market, brings success stories for its readers through completely different issues in every next month. The Strength of The CEO Magazine, where brilliant journalists and data researcher have been working, brings brain behind the stories which motivates the readers. Since its inception, the magazine has featured the stories of various personalities that include Chanda Kochhar, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and many more people and companies. Recently TCM has published HR Consultants and Digital Marketing Issues which helped the readers to understand trends and predictions of the market. The CEO Magazine’s people follow every aspects going on in the country in the terms of businesses and then they decide their next plan accordingly. The CEO Magazine’s understanding and services fulfills promotion, branding and public relation related requirements of Indian startups and budding entrepreneurs.

The CEO Magazine is considered an invaluable source for understanding the issues and events of the world today. In the international development of the media market India presents a unique case in many ways. Indian development has followed many of the international trends, but TCM has always focused on being a pure Indian publication with innovations and modernization. Whereas in other publications the process of change has been more gradual or probably they are following the conservative path of media.

The CEO Magazine (TCM) also updates its readers about its upcoming issues through a monthly newsletter. It has recently launched its upcoming special editions that include ‘Company of the Year’, ‘Brand of the Year’, ‘Startup of the Year’ and ‘Consultant of the Year’ etc. The aim to bring such issues by TCM is to keep its readers updated in various field of businesses. In addition to, The CEO Magazine also aims to talk about those who have been doing really fabulous job in a specific domain but they are not being focused. TCM believes that such stories can change the fortune of many human beings by getting motivations and ideas.

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