Logistics, generally the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation allow management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. There are various factors of which an interplay of technology, infrastructure, skilled manpower and new types of service providers which defines whether the logistics sector will be able to aid its customers, minimize their costs and provide quality services.

Along with contributing to the international trade, the logistics and freight industry is also regarded as the backbone of the economy in India as it ensures quick, efficient and economical transport of goods across India and many commercial sectors rely on it. This is evident with the growth of the logistics companies in Chennai and other popular towns contribute to the growth of the logistics sector which in turn increases the competitiveness among the different nations and therefore, it becomes a vital element of economic development and growth of the country


There are various challenges in the logistics industry in India, including the diverse range of rules and regulations at different stages which are enforced by national, regional and local authorities. Lack of integration in transport networks, poor warehousing and distribution facilities and information technology, skilled manpower and there is a lack of training institutions that are causing various issues among the employees and the logistics managers.

Transferring goods also have a bigger challenge of poor management and storage facilities which causes major loss, damage and deterioration of the material, especially in the perishables sector. The solution to this challenge is good refrigerated storage and containers and maintenance.

Another requirement that causes a challenge for the industry is the infrastructure, management the requirements of the various sectoral supply chain, changing industrial policies to ease efficient production and transportation of goods and deploying effective managerial practices and technology to enhance competitiveness.

What the industry continues to do, is excel despite these challenges and transforming by developing innovative business models, outsourcing their supply chain operations to 3PL services providers and by removing the structural and policy-based stringencies.


  • Ambulance Service: An essential service, ambulance demands comparatively small capital investment in areas of operation where business can be started, you can start this business in big cities as well as in suburban. However, you must identify the local market demand for this type of service. Additionally, you must have a proper business network with local hospitals, nursing homes, and polyclinics.
  • App-Based Taxi Service: This is a common business especially in urban areas of India, this business has been welcomed well by the Indian market and is steadily paced towards growth. With the expansion to more and more Indian cities, the app-based taxi service will ensure a handsome monthly profit.
  • Car Rental: Car rental business has been in India for long as it is one of the traditional business in India. While in urban areas, modern apps are used to book car services, a car rental company is also a successful business in small towns and tourist places. Again before starting the business, one must understand the local demand, the target audience, and other factors.
  • Recovery Van Service: Bikes, cars, or any other vehicle can break down at some point of time, and recovery van comes into picture here. The low-cost transport business demands a one-time investment. One can start the business by covering the vehicle maintenance and operational costs, along with spending a lot of money in running the business.
  • Livestock Carrier: Livestock, animals raised in agriculture setting to produce labour and commodities like meat, eggs, fur, and wool, etc, offers an industry in India which provides an enormous opportunity for the entrepreneurs of our country. Generally, poultry birds, eggs, poultry chicks, goats are the major products that need special infrastructure at the time of transportation can start this business with comparatively small capital investment.
  • Packers & Movers: Another business idea for managing logistics is this highly cash-intensive business, packers and movers offers a good margin to the owners. One can start the business with a small investment and then expand their area of operations as they expand the operations. For various reasons, companies relocate and look for a good company for the hassle-free and damage proof transportation of their goods.
  • School Pool Van: School pool Van service in the modern-day and age is an emerging business model in India. What do you need for this business is? Before tapping into the business, start with analyzing the local demand like the small cities and suburban areas are the great markets for this business. In these areas, parents are ready to send their schools in a cost and time-efficient way which has increased the demand for the school pool car services.

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