Samuel Leach’s 5 Tips on How To Achieve Success During Difficult Times

Overcome the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Knowing how to navigate business setbacks can be challenging, especially for entrepreneurs and budding investors who face constant barriers to success. From the obvious hindrances, such as COVID-19, to the setbacks that corporate bullies and business contacts have been known to lay, achieving success doesn’t come without learning hard truths. But how can you push through difficult times and inevitable setbacks to accomplish ultimate success?

Here, Samuel Leach, Director of Samuel & Co. Trading, shares his five top tips on how to deal with rejection and barriers so that you can channel setbacks into business success. As an investment mentor and entrepreneurial stock trader, Samuel has spent the last decade overcoming barriers to build not one but two influential currency trading firms.

1) Routine

First thing’s first, setting a solid routine that motivates you will focus your mindset and help you to avoid procrastination. While it’s true that the self-employed tend to have more flexibility around shifting their plans, sticking to a routine equates to getting things done. If you don’t get up at the same time each day and fit your breaks in at good times for you, you’ll find yourself slipping into unbalanced, stressful work routines. By plotting a reliable routine, you’ll be well-positioned to deal with challenges in the event of a crisis. Strategically plan your exercise sessions, meal preparations, and relaxation times to promote the healthiest routine for you.

2) Diplomatic Approach

As you grow your enterprise, you’ll work with new people all the time. When conflict arises, it’s essential to stay diplomatic and professional. Regardless of how others have treated you, sharing your feelings can land you in more conflict further down the line. You never know who will repeat or twist your words (and those words may have been emotionally charged). It’s better to be the silent party while others reveal their true natures by putting you down. Let them say what they like and prove otherwise through your high-quality work and business approach.

3) Quit the Bad

Even once you’ve implemented the Diplomatic Approach, those troublesome colleagues, clients, or other contacts may continue to cause difficulty. If you find yourself negotiating relationships with toxic colleagues or clients that are harming your mental health, it’s time to move on. Quitting isn’t always bad – in fact, quitting can sometimes be the best move you can make. If someone shouldn’t be part of your journey, remove them quietly and efficiently.

4) Remember That Setbacks Lead To New Opportunities

Try not to be disheartened when you come across a setback. Whether a key member of your team resigns or you don’t close a deal with a prospective client, every setback opens the door to a new opportunity. Make the most of the prospects that become available to you and your business every time you’re in a difficult situation. These setbacks often force you to think outside of the box and come up with outstanding solutions. You might be surprised at the successes you can achieve when things go ‘wrong’.

5) Give and Get Help

Success isn’t just about the skills and expertise that you bring to the table. It’s also about knowing how to recruit other professionals’ skill sets and blending these to create the best outputs. Whether you’re expanding your business by recruiting or simply looking to trade skills with another professional, seeking help is never a sign of weakness. On the contrary, asking for help is representative of strength and knowing where you need to improve your services. Pride should never get in the way when you can share resources to build your client/customer solutions.

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About Samuel Leach

Rather than spending his student loan on books and course materials, equity trading entrepreneur and investment mentor Samuel Leach used these funds to teach himself how to become a successful trader and make his first million.

In 2012, Samuel launched Samuel & Co. Trading, an industry-leading currency trading firm. Samuel & Co. Trading supports aspiring traders through strategic investments in financial markets and offers invaluable success training programmes. Now, over 1,500 people from 54 countries have completed Samuel’s investment training courses. The firm boasts triple-figure percentile year-on-year growth.

Samuel is also the CEO of Yield Coin, a multi-purpose ERC20 token that closes the ever-growing gap between finance and complex technology. He specialises in blockchain and crypto trackers, which are gradually redefining the financial landscape. Plus, Samuel is widely recognised as a social media influencer, renowned TED speaker, and the author of The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm, which John Wiley & Sons published in 2019.


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