Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride! In the beginning, you have this great idea to transform the world. You put all the plans in place and do the due diligence, conduct market research and finally pitch your idea. Your idea is fantastic, everyone loves it. At this stage, you are full of energy and passion. Everything seemed to be running perfect. You made all possible affords and launched the best version of your product or service. You are very excited to launch the brand and do some marketing. After about a few months, everything fizzles.  You come to the real world from your fairy tale and realize that reality is completely different from expectations.

Start-ups have always been tough. Even when you think you are giving your best, it may not be enough to pull it off. Many people fail and give up their dream.

If you really believe that you have something wonderful to share with the community, go for it. Don’t be discouraged by the number of times you have tried and failed, but take motivation from the people who have failed and started again to be successful.

Here, we have put together some inspirational quotes from amazing entrepreneurs in India. We hope these quotes motivate you to travel through your start-up journey.

  1. “Rules of Hiring #1: If there is doubt, there is no doubt. Rules of Hiring #2: Always hire people who are smarter than you.” –Sachin Bansal, Founder of Flipkart
  1. “Go out and start-up. It is the hardest thing to do. For me, it was very hard. When I started, my parents thought I was going to become a travel agent. It was very hard to convince them that I was not.”- Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola
  1. The biggest myth is that Indians want old ways of doing things. We have been shocked by how fast digital payment took off. – Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm
  1. “Never hire someone to do your initial sales. In fact, you should acquire your first hundred customers yourself”- Sashank ND, Founder of Practo
  1. Economic incentives are not enough to retain the best employees – it’s about culture and team spirit. – Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal
  1. Everybody has to contribute toward building and sustaining a strong culture. – Deepinder Goyal, Zomato
  1. “I strongly believe all students should have a start-up during college. It doesn’t matter if successful or how big or small. Worst case scenario it will make them 10x better employee than someone with no exposure to how a business works” “If you fully accept the worst that can ever happen in your journey, fear won’t ever be an obstacle in starting-up”- Kunal Shah, Founder of Freecharge
  1. The appetite of a horse is different from that of an elephant. – Radhika Agarwal, Shop Clues
  1. “It’s a long long road. Sometimes all you need are people who pat your back and say, carry on. Thank you to everyone who encourages.”- Sharaddha Sharma, Founder of Yourstory
  1. “However big or small, make it a good business, make it a clean business, and make it a business you are very proud of.”- Deep Kalra, founder of MakeMyTrip

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