What are the government projects? How to apply for government projects in India? Here are the answers to all these questions.

Government Projects or a government programme is a series of undertakings planned and executed to achieve a particular goal in an indefinite period. Most central and state governments aim to solve the problems of the citizens by launching projects or schemes just like the list of schemes by Modi government mentioned below where we can see the various construction projects that are launched across the country to facilitate national and international trade

Government Construction Projects/ List Of Schemes By Modi Government

  • Sagarmala Project: Launched by the Ministry of Shipping, Sagarmala Project aims to promote port-led direct and indirect development and provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Costing about Rs 12,00,000 crore, this project focuses on exploiting India’s 7,500 km long coastline, 14,500 km of potentially navigable waterways and its strategic location on key international maritime trade routes. The government is focusing on industrialization of the ports and transformation of them into world-class ones.
  • Amravati: Known as the largest project in India, Amravati is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh post-Telangana being split off as a separate state in 2014. The recently constructed planned city to serve as the capital, this 217 kilometres of land has been envisioned to become a smart city which implies sustainability. The city is expected to have innovative features like navigation canals around the city and connection to the island on the Krishna River.
  • Bharatmala Project:  As soon as Bharatmala Project launched, the Rs 14,000 crore project was in headlines of every offline and online new platform. As Narendra Modi’s project of linking India’s vast west-to-east land border from Gujarat to Mizoram, Bharatmala will also be the one that will link to a road network in coastal states from Maharashtra to West Bengal. Having mentioned that, the name makes sense as “Bharatmala” translates into an “India Garland” and this road network will garland the entire country. This 5000-km road project by the central government is planned to be finished in 5 years.
  • Inland Waterways: Modi government has planned to develop inland waterways including rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra and Mahanadi. The government is spending around Rs 4,000 crore for developing waterway facilities in Ganga. The government would also invest Rs 50000 crore for development of Paradip port. An additional amount of Rs 8200 crore would be used for developing a new port at Paradip.
  • Chardham-Highway Project: India is known for its culture and its traditions, and with a large population of citizens going on pilgrims, the government has been launching projects for them for a significant period. This specific Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Pariyojna, or the Chardham highway development project, is an ambitious initiative to improve connectivity to the Char Dham pilgrimage centres in the Himalayas. Modi government The project’s main objective is to develop around 900 km of national highways which will be built in Uttarakhand at an approximate cost of Rs 12,000 crore.
  • Highest bridge of the world on river Chenab: We started with the largest project and will end with the highest. Yes, as the Modi government is building the tallest bridge in the world over river Chenab at Doda (359 metres above the river) in Jammu and Kashmir. The world’s highest rail bridge would be built at a cost of Rs 1198 crore to overcome the challenges of the highly rugged mountain terrain. After construction of this large span single arch steel bridge with approach viaducts on either side, it will surpass the current record held by Beipan river Shuibai railway bridge (275m) in Guizhou province of China.

How to apply for government projects in India?

To solve this and many other queries related to minor details of any government schemes in India, you can visit the National Portal Of India where you can enter the name of the scheme you are searching for and understand how you can apply for the scheme.


Apart from the central government schemes, there have been many state government schemes and projects as well which are created to help the citizens. Among them, if you are looking for the government schemes or upcoming government projects in Delhi, then you can visit the Online Portal Of The Government Of Delhi.

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