How to Use Quora for Marketing- A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to create your brand as an authority in your niche? Want to build up your professional identity as a loyal name without a huge investment?

This is possible and for this, you just need to answer people’s questions. Even if you do not have expertise in any particular topic, you will still have some information that is more than others. Quora is a perfect place for being. This is a question and answer platform that allows you to help others on any topic and create your presence on the digital works.

While it seems simple, growing on Quora is not easy. There is a need for some strategic planning and steps. Here is a step-by-step process on how to use Quora for marketing:

7-Steps Guide on How to Use Quora for Marketing

Create an Interactive Bio

No matter which social platform you are using, a fully-filled and interactive bio is vital. Quora works a bit differently, here you cannot create a profile of a band in most cases, only individuals. You will have to find who in your organization will be posting answers.

Quora has a feature that shows the first 50 characters in your profile as a tagline above each answer you provide. Here, include your company name, so the reader will see from where you blog. You can also include a clickable link in your bio.

While using these links sparingly is vital, they also help drive traffic back to your useful website-based resources.

In case, your company is working on more than one niche, create topic-specific bios. For instance, you might have one bio that demonstrates your experience as a healthcare marketer and one where you thrive as a personal trainer. To build topic-specific bios click on your profile page.

Find Relevant Topics 

Research is a major initial step to use Quora for marketing. You will be able to learn what people in your industry are saying, track topics and have questions sent to your inbox. You only need to type a keyword into Quora’s search box that you want to follow.

Quora brings a list of autocomplete topic suggestions for you to explore. Click through any topic page and you will be able to find another list of related topics at the side.

You can follow any topic just make sure your email notifications are set up correctly to get alerts. Go to your Setting page and click on Emails & Notifications options. You will get an option to select the frequency and types of emails you get from Quora.

Look for Relevant Questions to Answer

Quora is all about question and answer so when you want to know how to use Quora for marketing, you need to be smart in choosing questions to answer. See, there are millions of queries floating around on this platform. However, not all questions will help you to get some value for your business.

The perfect way to find relevant questions is to type a keyword into the query box at the top of the platform and choose the Search option. Once, you have created the list of questions, filter your results to queries from the last month or so. Focus on relevant topics to get more and more visibility and add your authority’s voice to every new discussion.

Provide Genuine and Unique Answer

After you have found some sort of questions related to your business, now it’s time to answer them uniquely. Simply, how to use SEO is not going to be impressive. But if you come up with an insightful response containing links to relevant content on your blog, case studies and statistics demonstrate your thought leadership.

Always show your passion for the topic while answering and also present the unique tone of your brand. One of the best ways to build a great answer is to put snippets from the content you have already created.

Focus on Networking with Quora Users

 Just like Facebook and Instagram, Quora is also a social media platform; don’t use it just like a search engine. You need to socialize here. So when you look at how to use Quora for marketing, try to engage more and more with potential customers and leads.

The question-answer platform allows you to communicate directly with other users. If you are working as a brand, it is an excellent way to enrich your connection with customers. On Quora, you can explore that people are asking questions about your specific brand.

You can find people in multiple ways, like:

  • Create and contribute to boards that include topics in your field
  • Track the top answers and followers of relevant topics  
  • Share content outside of Quora that links back to your solutions in the platform

Keep Eyes on Analytics

When it comes to marketing, measuring your results is vital. The same thing applies to the Quora marketing strategy.

Staying active works well when you want to build credibility and thought leadership on the platform. The more active you will mean the more answers you will give this way your credibility and reputation will grow on the platform.

Besides, tracking results will also help to know what kind of impact your efforts are having. You can easily review the performance of each question you have answered. The analytic feature allows you to take care of everything from how many people checked your responses, to the number of upvotes you received. What’s more, after you added a tracking link to your replies you get the option to check the number of valuable click-throughs you are getting.

A glance through this information will guide you which avenues can provide you with the most coverage. After all, the ultimate goal of marketing on Quora is to influence people and gain exposure for your brand.

Influence with Quora Ads

After you have established yourself and published enough on Quora, it’s time for promotion. Apart from the organic way, you can promote your answers for a fee. You also have the option to boost an answer that you or someone else has written and set ad perimeters around it.

This is an excellent way to expand your brand’s reach and single out whom you want reaching your content. To promote any answer, you first need to set up an ads account on Quora in the same way you would create an account to boost a Facebook post. The next step is to define your target budget, promotion period, the target audience and also location.

Quora presents different types of targeting, you can run contextual-based advertising placements that target everyone who has indicated an interest in a specific topic. Behavioural targeting is another option where you target users who have engaged with you in the past.

Answer promotion is the only type of ad unit Quora offer. Besides, advertisers can create image and text ads.

Quick Point on How to Use Quora for Marketing

  • Many top Quorans suggest using images to help get the point across. A suitable photograph will support your point visually. Besides, in a list of views of answers, the first picture of your post will appear as thumbnails beside the text preview.
  • Remember, your ultimate focus should be making a positive impression on the reader and get their trust on Quora. When you are writing any answers on it, make sure to edit in the same way as you would for report or blog post. Take advantage of Quora’s text editing tools. Spilt a long post into a bullet point. Emphasize a certain segment in your text by making it bold and italic.
  • While focusing on how to use Quora for marketing try to answer questions as quickly as possible after it has been posted. The actual logic is that the question will be fresh in the asker’s mind, and they will probably upvote your answer or engage you further.
  • Link up your Quora account with other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for easy social sharing of your answers. Another benefit is that after you have answered or posted a question, an automatic update will be pushed to your other platforms.
  • And the last and most important point is don’t visit or answer collapses. There are several reasons, your answer can be collapsed or hidden, like if your answer is downvoted, you have not addressed the improvements suggested by the moderator in your answers, you have still not submitted real-name verification for your account.

Wrapping up on Quora Marketing

Quora is an effective social platform that can help empower your marketing strategy. No doubt, Facebook and Twitter are great avenues for interacting with your audience and spreading the word about your brand but do ignore the power of Quora. Hopefully, you found this post helpful and make your business successful with this guide.

Are you already using Quora for marketing your business? What results have you seen so far? Please share in the comment section below.

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