How to Set up Your First LinkedIn Campaign

 With over 560 million users, including professionals in every industry, you can think of, LinkedIn has become the biggest source of potential new business leads across the world. In this post, we are going to walk you through the process of how to set up your first LinkedIn campaign and start targeting and attracting your ideal prospects on a bigger scale than ever before.

And, LinkedIn ads allow you to reach your ideal prospects through strong targeting that lets you customize your ads as per the specific industries, job titles, locations, and more.

The only issue, a lot of marketers especially beginners find it confusing. This is different from Facebook, so the ad platform might seem a little unfamiliar if you have never used it earlier.

How to Set up Your First LinkedIn Campaign

1 Step: 1- Choose Your Goal

The first step in planning your entire campaign is choosing your goal. What you wish to achieve, that is why this is the very first step. You will want to decide whether your purpose is awareness, conversations, or consideration- you can choose from subcategories to get more specific.

2 Step: 2- Decide Your Audience, Location and Language

Once, you are done with your campaign objective, decide your audience and location. It will allow you to skin much of this process in the coming days.

You can create your first audience by starting with location; this is one of the two needed targeting facets for building an audience with language. You can be at the continent level, then nation, etc. Additionally, select regions you want to include, you can pick exclusions also.

Choosing your profile language is a basic yet critical step in personalizing your ads for their recipients. Presently, LinkedIn offers 19 different language options.

3 Step: 3- Set up Your Targeting

LinkedIn has robust targeting capabilities. You can even get pretty granular here in defining your audience. You need to be careful here; not to hyper-target that means getting too now and specific with parameters as it can limit your campaign success. Here, it is suggested to go as broad as possible and cast a wide net while staying relevant to your objectives.

Here, there are many attributes like company, demographics, job experience, interests you can tweak to tailor your audience. These factors are based on information that members include in their profiles and some inferred data.

4 Step: 4- Know Your Ad Formats

There are mainly three formats in LinkedIn ads- Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Text Ads, or a mix of all three. Here is a brief description of each ad format.

Sponsored Content is native advertising that appears in the LinkedIn feed.  There are 3 formats available: Single-Image Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads.

Sponsored Messaging provides personalized, targeted LinkedIn messages. It drives more conversions than email. There are 2 formats- Message Ads and Conversation Ads.

Text Ads are pay-per-click or cost-per-impression ads that appear across the LinkedIn desktop. These ads feature a simple headline, small image, and description.

5 Step: 5- se LinkedIn Audience Network

By using LinkedIn Audience Network, you let LinkedIn to place your ads on external high-quality mobile applications and websites.

If you wish to include this into your strategy, you can leave it checked. If not, make sure to unclick it.

6 Step: 6- Set up You Budget and Bid Type

The critical step when you want to how to set up your first LinkedIn campaign, you choose either daily or total budgets as per your preferred spending structure. The start date for your campaign will automatically set itself to the fixed date unless you choose otherwise.

In bidding, the automated bid option is what we generally suggest, as the tool will most efficiently use your budget without stringent oversight needed. For best outputs, it is suggested to go with the recommended bid or higher.

7 Step: 7- Build Your Conversion Tracking

The final step of setting up your first LinkedIn campaign put a mechanism in place for measuring results beyond the click. With the tracking, you will be able to know about users who visit your website through an add


That’s it on how to set up your first LinkedIn campaign. If you are looking to connect with the decision-makers at the ideal-client businesses, LinkedIn is the perfect place for it. And if you are having problems connecting with them, creating LinkedIn ads can help you get their attention. Hopefully, you found this post helpful and make your business successful with this guide.

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