How to Successfully Integrate Live Streaming Into Your Business

For businesses that know they have a digital-savvy customer demographic, live streaming should be an increasingly important weapon in your marketing arsenal online. Cisco believes that over four-fifths (82%) of internet use will be ring-fenced solely for streaming live video content by 2022. Between April 2019 and April 2020, the live streaming sector soared by 99% based on research by Tech Jury, who also forecasted that the industry will be worth over US$184 billion in 2027.

Live-streamed video content is one of the most effective techniques to ramp up user engagement with your brand, helping to reconnect with existing audiences and build trust with new ones. If you aren’t already using live streaming as part of your brand’s digital marketing efforts, read on as we provide multiple suggestions to weave it into your everyday services or promotional campaigns.

Demonstrate how you make your products

If you want to improve the transparency of your business and give peace of mind to consumers about the integrity and quality of your products, why not show your audience how your goods or services are created. Live-streamed video can help brands showcase what’s required in-house to transform their items from concepts to the finished product. As an example, glass jewelry specialists Avenue Beads regularly use live video to demonstrate the craftsmanship that goes into their hand-produced goods. Live streaming can be equally as powerful for service-based businesses, who can stream and showcase the quality of their services and demonstrate what consumers can expect from your brand.

Serve your customers online in real-time

If you cannot physically serve your customers and provide them with your expertise, why not do so virtually with live video? Many businesses have started to launch their own live-streamed training courses to engage with users interested in their industry. Photography studio Digital Republic delivers informal training sessions that flow without a script, enabling viewers to ask questions and steer the conversation in whichever way they want. Auction houses are also using live streaming technology to do things differently. SDL Property Auctions stream from their auction studio, inviting bids in real-time and, as of August 2020, had generated £75 million in revenue for sellers. Furthermore, in the entertainment industry, live dealer casinos are utilizing live streams to replicate the authenticity of playing on a land-based casino floor. For example, Betway Casino began operating classic innovative gameshow-style variants to keep players entertained – alongside the traditional offerings.

Broadcast live events to create a sense of community

Another effective way to turn customers into brand advocates is to make them feel part of your business. Live streaming is a great way of connecting with customers and forging a sense of community spirit. Broadcasting live events can help bring customers closer to the action. A typical event could be anything from a live Q&A session with a senior member of your company, a seminar or conference involving experts in your industry, or an interactive stream celebrating the launch of a new office, product, or service that gets consumers on-side.

Showcase new products or services

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We’ve just touched upon using live-streamed content to launch new products or services, and we believe that this is such an effective opportunity that it deserves its own sub-section. When you have a new product ready to launch, you’ll want to create a sense of intrigue and demand from day one. Live streams give you a chance to explain the product or service and the problems it solves. You could also offer exclusive discounts to those viewing your live product streams as an incentive to watching. GE used Facebook Live to debut their new all-electric Chevy Bolt EV at the Consumer Electronics Show back in 2017, proving that even the world’s biggest brands are taking the opportunity to “go live”.

Provide real-time customer support or troubleshooting

Another use for live streaming to build, enhance, or even repair your brand reputation is to conduct live-streamed customer support or troubleshooting. If you receive multiple complaints or inquiries about a particular issue or topic, you could consider hosting a stream to respond to the issues. It’s a useful way of helping your brand to appear more human and approachable. Putting a face to the stream is more likely to appease consumers that prefer talking to a representative instead of a chatbot or live chat assistant.

You don’t have to invest big bucks in state-of-the-art video production equipment to stream live content that adds value to your brand and its customers. YuppTV’s Freedocast Pro Device and its live streaming platform are a good starting point, allowing you to stream coverage across multiple social channels. The live video that’s authentic, relatable, and engaging can help you visualise your long-term business goals.

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