Most Effective Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

In recent years, Amazon has grown bigger than ever, and its sales have crossed all boundaries. The surprising thing is that the company does not advertise its services on television or billboards. However, promotion is done by affiliate websites who earn on successful conversions. In this article we will talk about the Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings.

The commission rate of each sale is different depending on the category, most affiliate websites are earning huge by advertising on a particular category of products. Amazon Associates affiliate program is an easy way to diversify your blog’s income. You can earn a commission on any Amazon purchase by recommending your favourite, test products to your readers. But it takes a bit of planning and finesses and giving it the attention it deserves.

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Here are some of the most effective ways to increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings. Some of these strategies are simple on-page hacks, while others can make a big impact.

Personalize Your Recommendations

See, every affiliate website has some links, some content, some images, and some charts. But users are still not satisfied and many visitors don’t end up in conversations. The major reasons behind these remain unknown to the company owners.

To resolve this problem, build a Chabot that would ask users for recommendations. Go through the feature they would want to see most on your site, or which feature requires an upgrade.

Follow Up Emails

Suppose, a visitor comes to your site, browses through a couple of items and then leaves. The process does not end there. Here sending a follow-up mail listing similar items. Notify him if any of those products see a price drop. Also, let him know about the top-selling products in those categories.

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In case, he did not take any interest, ask him what he did not find interesting about your site, or why he is not making the purchase.

Target Buying Keywords

When people go for online shopping, they go through a process of general queries to more specific queries. You should target phrases that people are searching for when they are close to that buying stage.

Another great way to increase Amazon Affiliate Earning is to compare one product to another.

As a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program, you should focus on doing an in-depth comparison of the two different products and then simply link over to Amazon for whichever one they choose to buy.

Again, if a searcher has already narrowed it down between different products that means they are ready to buy. If your content can get them on your site to compare the key features then they will make a purchase through your link and you will earn more money.

Include Call to Action at the end of Your Blog Post

The general established rule is to add a Call to Action button at the end of the blog post. Readers and visitors should be directed on what they need to do and that’s why they land on the website.

Let the reader know that there is more information about the product, prices or deals with a tap on a button.

When you use a call to action button, you should also split test what you are using to convince visitors to click through to Amazon.

Today, a lot of people are doing business in affiliate business. So you need to be extra careful.

It is a fact that simply seeing a product is enough to pique the curiosity of many site visitors. If you have got an image of a product that earns you affiliate fees, link it to the product page on Amazon. It makes profitable use of a link that might otherwise go nowhere.

Develop an Effective Keyword Strategy

Apart from your content and strategies, your Amazon affiliate links can be more successful if they are in tune with the thinking of your audience. Use long-tail keyword phrases reflecting common questions and queries.

Shopping guides and bestseller lists are useful for implementing an effective keyword strategy as they give natural context for commonly searched phrases.

Bottom Line

These are the best ways to increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you increase your affiliate commissions on Amazing. These small to big tactics are vital to ensure that you are sending the greatest number of people to Amazon.

What are your strategies? How do you make money as an Amazon affiliate?

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