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Youtube, a great tool to earn money is a platform with unlimited hours of data for a person to consume, can become a boon or bane very easily. Either one can make it an addiction or build their empire from this platform. Hence, The CEO Magazine thought of listing down Youtube Business Ideas which will allow you to earn from Youtube and pursue your dreams.

If you have been noticing, the number of “creators” on this video-based platform is constantly growing. It is because people have acknowledged the power of Youtube. If you have been interested in Youtube and want to discover your way to success on Youtube, go through these Youtube Channel Ideas for fast growth and money:


Imagine, having live audience interaction while you play your favourite game. The coin has two sides, influencer streaming channels and new streaming channels with nano-influencers, micro-influencers and macro-influencers.

From Carry Minati’s streaming channel “Carry Is Live” to Flying Beat’s Streaming Channel “Rasbharry Ke Papa”, all the mega influencers on the Youtube, have joined the trend of having streaming channels where they play video games.

 These names do top the list benefitting from their young audience who enjoys and wants to see more of their favourite YouTubers. While online streaming channels are popping every next minute, you can make sure that it is unique in terms of language, way of talking, or even selection of unique games, like chess.

Remember, success olf these streaming channels credits not to just games, or whatever you are streaming, it credits to the person’s personality and how he can tackle situations with the live audience.

How to earn through Youtube Streaming Channels?

Ads: Just like any other Youtube Channel, you can monetise your channel through advertisements. For this, you have to eligible, if the

Super Chat: A way to monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program, Super chat allows viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams, the more they pay, the longer their comments get pinned and noticed by the Youtuber.


A short video with concise yet informative content, yes, next in our list of the top youtube business ideas to earn money has to be News channels. Yes, this is not even near the amount of investment that one has to make to open a conventional news channel, but your videos may give competition to those.

How? Well, you can start a local news channel based on a specific niche like beauty, fashion, entertainment news, technology news, business news, etc. The timeline here is very important. This type of channel demands not only good content but also maintained frequency.

As you must know that any digital platform is only successful when it is consistent. You can eventually go on to hire more people and build a media house. News is an area with an unlimited number of content. It will exist until the end of the world, in fact, the’ end of the world’ news also makes it to the headline now and then.


Amidst the various sources that didn’t exist for students and people before, today, blogs and video sare frequently visited effective source for students. Just like textbooks have been replaced by online blogs, videos have been effective to understand a topic, subject, issue, in detail, brief, or even presentation form.

From pre-school, kindergarten, to 1st to 6th class, to higher classes, and even for competitive exams, one can easily select a niche and share the knowledge they possess. An argument can be yes, I do have knowledge and time to make videos, but there is already a lot of competition in this niche of Youtube.

Well, to earn from Youtube through educational videos and create your successful name, the same logic applies as it does in the offline world. In the offline world, we have many teachers, but some end up becoming our favourite. You can become the favourite channel amidst all the others that exist currently. All you need is the knowledge, tools, and personality which can helo the children connect to you even through a recorded video.

The best part is there is no pressure to create videos, that means you can do the same after you take your classes and after 2020, I am sure you have become more adaptable to online teaching. EDTech is the next-gen solution and all you have to do is grab the opportunity.

Pro Tip: Record a long video explaining the topic and then divide the same into smaller videos and upload them like you would take classes. This will allow more videos on your channel and more obviously more interaction in terms of comments, likes, and subscribes.


This is the best option for engineers to earn from youtube, home-makers to earn from youtube, and many other people. You can have a high level of expertise or a low level of expertise in technical work, but you can make tutorials. For example, rangoli making tutorial, is what a creative person can make, while app installation tutorials and other basic yet most searched tutorials are a great way to make thousands of subscribers on your youtube channel.

Well, while tutorials work intending to help people suffering from an issue, you can easily make a video in your local language and English as well, there is no language restraint. You can make small and easy to understand videos in simple language or make long videos with jargons depending on your target audience or you can just add a piece of background music. All that’s need is your knowledge and satisfaction to the viewers after their task is successfully done.


These have been the most trending video channel ideas for YouTube today, but the list of Youtube Channel niches is a long one, let us know if you want to more video ideas to earn from youtube.

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