How The Graphics Of Slots Have Evolved Over Time

When slots were introduced to the world in the 19th century they were mechanical machines operated by levers that activated spinning drums, which contained all the symbols. Early games were restricted by the technology available and did not offer special features or bonus rounds.

These mobile casino slots can best be described as one long base game and they remained like this for many years. In fact, the progress in the advancement of early slots was incredibly slow. It wasn’t until the 1960s that slots went from mechanical to electrical and the earliest video slot was not seen until the 1970s. In 1976 the first video slot used a modified 19-inch Sony TV for the display and new symbols such as stars, crowns and 777 made an appearance too.

The Digital Revolution 

The digital revolution of the 1990s helped make up for the very slow progression of slots. From 1996 onwards, the transformation in slots technology has been swift and remarkable. The catalyst for such rapid change was the introduction of the very first online casino and the first video slot. Digital technology and the digital format itself, was open to rapid improvement and slots developers exploited it fully. Now we have multilayered slots with random special features aplenty, that make the base games of slots far more interesting to play.

Bonus Round Improvements 

Then we have the bonus rounds that are the centerpiece of any slot game. These include enhanced graphics and animation that accompanies free spins rounds. This new digital technology has allowed slots symbols to move away from their traditional playing card faces and fruit symbols, to more active and extravagant symbols that have taken the forms of animals, historical figures, superheroes and fairytale characters. The introduction of wild symbols that mimic the symbols they land next to have also become far more active entities. They can now stick, expand, or move across the reels thanks to advances in graphics and animations. Advances in animation can also be seen in games that now use 3D animation and integrate it in their games. Playtech release Age Of The Gods King Of Olympus actually uses 3D animation techniques to bring Zeus to life across the reels in the 10 free spins bonus round.

The Future 

It has been vitally important for the slots industry to move with the digital times that we now live in and they have embraced vastly improved computer graphics and digital animation. Considering how advanced cinema imagery and video gaming has now become, it is important for slots to appeal to this audience too. Cross over games are all well and good, but if the actual gaming experience for video gamers and cinema goers falls short, then they will not be back for more. So far this has not been the case and the public seems to be content with playing games based on film and video games that contain an extra gambling element to them. The next step for the slots world is Virtual Realty.

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