Events related to Online Slots in 2020

Can you even imagine a world without online slots? We are in the year 2020 now, and online slots have reigned supreme within the global gambling industry for well over a decade, attracting an unprecedented level of new gamblers too. The most amazing thing here is that slot machines themselves were only invented little more than a century ago, and now they are played by roughly 10% of the world’s whole population!

We don’t think anyone can deny the prominence of 2020 slots, and this fact is compounded by the many events related to online slots in 2020. At first glance you might wonder if there are actually any events related to online slots in 2020, however after a little thought and research you will realise there are many – play best slots now. Read on for some events related to online slots in 2020.

Sporting event themed online slots 

Due to reasons we are sure everybody knows by now, you cannot at present watch any kind of sporting events, and this is a great excuse to jump into the world of sporting event themed online slots. Take Scudamore’s Super Stakes by the renowned developers over at NetEnt, a game that takes the world of horse racing as its prime inspiration. The symbols here are all dedicated to this incredibly popular spectator sport, and with an RTP of 96.99% it is also incredibly lucrative. 

Another great sporting event themed online slot is Football World Cup by Novomatic, and playing this one will make you feel like you are straight back at the 2018 Russia World Cup. So you see, even at a time when we cannot watch sporting events live in the flesh, at least everybody can still spin the reels of some sport themed online slots. 

Home-style online slot events 

During 2020 the global population has undeniably been staying at home a lot more than usual, and this has led to housemates and families devising a myriad of different ways to get some friendly competition going. One of the most exciting things to do for those of us that love gambling is definitely setting up some home-style online slot events. 

What this entails is usually a combination of a slot competition and a league, where friends pit themselves against each other to see who can win the most money on a specific slot game, for instance. 

Virtual online slot tournaments 

Home-style online slot events are popular, don’t get us wrong, however the most gamblers competing in 2020 online slot events will be entering virtual online slot tournaments. These are essentially the same as the home-style online slot events we mentioned earlier, only this time gamblers will be playing with largely random members of the wider gambling community. 

There are a few different types of online slot tournaments, although the most popular are the standard buy-in tournaments, where there is a set buy-in, and the gambler who wins the most money wins the overall jackpot prize. 

The best online slot tournaments 2020 

For the best online slot tournaments in 2020 the best place to look is with developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

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