Circulation of The CEO Magazine!


Circulation of The CEO Magazine!

Since its inception, The CEO Magazine has been consistence in delivering world class business information through its comprehensive circulation. According to latest figures from one of the bureaus of circulation, The CEO Magazine has positioned itself among the top three actively purchased magazines in India. A completely Indian publication, TCM grew around 62 percent year on year, having announced last year that had tripled its circulation over the previous around 3 years. In a very short span of time, the magazine has featured the success stories of entrepreneurs like Chanda Kochhar and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw by conducting their interviews by editors at TCM. The CEO Magazine is a monthly magazine on Indian business culture, business prediction and sense of business community. It is one of largest circulations, a pure English language magazine covering Indian business information. The magazine has a reputation in featuring original stories and new articles – reported direct from New Delhi – on informative articles, columns, opinions and essays on entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneurs, market, marketing, marketers and business practices.

The CEO Magazine updates the readers with current affairs and helps them to understand the current business world. The CEO Magazine not only informs, educates and entertains the readers, but also empowers startup culture, entrepreneurial activities and innovative business concepts by making an open platform for exchanging views, opinion and ideas. And thus, TCM has been success in delivering its circulation at different platform that help its readers to get the print conveniently. The magazines can be bought from hundreds of bookstore newsstands, outlets at Railway Stations and reputed libraries throughout India.

As per these responses by the readers of TCM and their interest, The CEO Magazine has established itself as one of the top business magazines in India. It positions itself now on the path on which it looks the only informatics business magazine for the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs.

Social Media Reach

As per the few examples like Trump’s victory and we have seen how Mr. Modi has used Social Media Platforms in his victories, these platforms have proved these are very much effective tools. With the help of these platforms, The CEO Magazine has also simplified journalism and advertising. With huge numbers of follower at twitter and Facebook, The CEO Magazine fulfill its objectives that includes inform, analyze and comment through a single platform connectivity to various other social networks.


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