The business today, be it in a developed country or a developing country is dependent on information technology for communication, productivity and tracking purposes. It is not exaggerating to say that this element drives and sustains business operations. The modern-day technology is readily available and used to the convenience is indeed essential and when it comes to business, there are various types of business technology; however, some are more commonly used than others.

Now as the IT industry in India is famous across the world for facilitating the business operations, there is an aspect of the same, software designing and developing along with R&D to aid the businesses of people. Despite thousands of software present in the market, business owners ten to trust on some only due to the nature of the work it deals with i.e. business-related, it can be B2B or B2C, so here you go, there is a comprehensive range of information present ion what are software, business software and its types that have made possible the transition from the traditional work practices to modern-day techniques:

Computers, generally used across multiple businesses, are equipped with software that enables them to perform all sorts of tasks such as analysing financial information, sending and receiving emails and designing sales presentations.


Software are essentially different kinds of programs and operating information used by computers, to do specific tasks. Now, every business utilize productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, a word processing package, and Microsoft Excel, a financial spreadsheet system along with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are also used to easily and quickly prepare professional-looking sales presentations but these are not the stopping points as businesses use certain software that is suitable to their needs. Any software like such that supports various functions of a business is known as business software and these are high in demand as most businesses are shifting online especially during and after the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

  • Networking Software: Businesses today cannot sustain without networking, be it with other business associates or with the clients. When we talk about networking software here, it means management through interaction with groups of people to share information and documents, to store information and to communicate using email. Now, a network can either internal or external as it can be restricted to computers within an office location or connected among numerous offices to build relationships with others within their related fields to find new customers and partnerships, and to grow.
  • Telephone Communication: A common point of agreement is what all can come to is that communication is the key to establishing business relationships. So, to facilitate the same, many businesses use a form of the telephone system to communicate with customers and organizations provides a fast, efficient and one-on-one personal connection with others. Its importance cannot be emphasised enough as having great customer service with clients and effective communication with your staff will ultimately help business build a successful reputation and grow
  • Accounting System: The time is long gone when the accounts were maintained on paper as the new accounting systems software that enables businesses to manage their expenses and revenue. The usually easy to set up and maintain the system is used by a diverse range of businesses while the bigger companies use software that allows more customization and integration with other systems. Again, the process of choosing the right accounting system depends on the size and needs of your business. It is recommended to consult your accountant to explore your options before making your decision.
  • Inventory Control System: Inventory, another essential part of the business, is today handled with an inventory control system that precisely keeps track of items including how much is in stock, updating the system when the new inventory arrives as well as when it is sold and to keep accurate records. To maintain the right balance of items in their warehouse, to understand what they have and to review their finances, the Companies require an adequate and organized system to manage its inventory in order.
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems: A system effective for start-ups looking to expand to the MNCs, Customer relationship management is modern software that replaces the traditional telephone system for effective communication purposes. CRM adds value to the business as it keeps track of customer interactions by collecting and storing information about them. This relationship management software allows a business to make calls, send emails, create reports, add notes and much more to build long-lasting relationships with the clients.

While these are the software that offers the chance to create a business with, one can ensure that with the changing technology, they are also tuned and incorporating the latest technologies in the software industry in 2020 i.e. artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality, cognitive cloud computing, angular and react, DevOps, internet of things (IoT), and intelligent Apps (I – Apps)

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