Business Ideas for Chemical Industry in India

The chemical industry in India includes the companies that produce industrial chemicals essential for existence in the modern world economy. By converting the raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. The industry needs various professionals are deeply involved in the chemical industry including chemical engineers, scientists, lab chemists, technicians, etc.

It is indeed true when you see that the outcome of the chemical products results from chemical processes. Which are a complex combination of reaction, distillation, absorption, filtration, extraction, drying, and screening operations. Here, are some business ideas in the chemical industry that one can be a part of:


Detergent Powder Manufacturing:

A basic requirement for laundry in the urban parts of the country. Detergent powders are also known as the synthetic detergent are the surfactant. Now, initially while one can start the business with a small start-up capital investment. The process of production can vary as everyone has their percentage of active ingredients; that are produced via a simple production. And it involves simply mixing different ingredients in the right formula.

Perfume Making:

A very popular product yet again which is based on chemicals. The perfume-making business can be a profitable venture; when you are aware of the basic things of the marketing of the product.

Nail Polish Making:

A important cosmetic product popular among women, nail polish making business is a million-dollar industry. The lacquer kind of product used to decorate and to protect human fingernails or toenails enjoys a growing demand in the market particularly in urban areas owing to their greater purchasing power because of higher income, desire to look better and more attractive, etc.

Liquid Soap Making:

The business includes a wide range of operations including the processing, packaging and marketing which demands extensive market research and marketing strategy. What makes it profitable one is its nature of being a consumable item and the demand for it is increasing in the rural and urban areas both.

Matchstick Manufacturing:

Matchstick, another necessity in the 21st century is also a business based on chemicals and has a manufacturing business that can be initiated as a small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. An entrepreneur knowing channel distribution can start this business with moderate capital investment and meet the demand that is growing day-by-day.

Herbal Soap Making:

With not one but many herbal products being in high demand. The herbal industry is growing globally which is a result of the awareness among the people; about the benefits of using herbal products. One can initiate herbal soap making venture with simple few raw materials on a small-scale basis with moderate capital investment.

Export / Import:

International trade, having to contribute to the country’s economy plays an important role in the world. The import and export of chemical is a very profitable business; which can be started with a modest amount of money. The process of starting a business starts with the selection of the export/import and building your network.

Aloe vera Gel:

A product with various benefits is a popular one today among the target audience. Aloe vera gel production is a business that can be started on a small-scale basis; with proper knowledge about herbal product marketing.

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Toilet Cleaner:

Another essential based on chemicals, this product’s production requires knowledge about the formulation process. An individual can start a toilet cleaner business with moderate capital investment on a small-scale basis. Besides the knowledge about the production, the marketing also requires attention. As determining the proper marketing strategy is important in this type of business.

Botanical Pesticide Manufacturing:

Apart from the organic fertilizers, the inorganic fertilizers based on chemicals are used, but due to the prohibitive cost of synthetic pesticides and the problems of environmental pollution caused by the continuous use of these chemicals, there is an obvious and novel interest in the use of botanical for crop protection in the market. These are used to combat losses due to pests of agricultural importance, with special attention focused on the use of higher plants. Again, being a chemical-based business, with proper knowledge about the formulation process, an individual can initiate this business with moderate capital investment.

Hand Sanitizer Making:

COVID-19, a pandemic, a virus that has caused deaths not only in India but also in the most developed and powerful countries across the world has increases the importance of sanitation to stay alive, From washing hands to using sanitizers frequently, the guidelines by the health organizations have caused a lot of demand for the products. Now, the commercial hand sanitizer making business demands proper skill about the mixing and formulation process and hence if one tends to be starting the business, they must be very careful and meet the demand.


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