Bingo online vs Land Casino Bingo

It is now possible for people to play bingo online from the comfort of your own home. This comes with its own list of benefits.

But is the online bingo experience at Cozino a straight-up copy of the real thing. What is the difference between playing bingo online and visiting a live bingo hall? Which one is the better option?

Pros of online bingo


Well, the most obvious pro of playing bingo online is one I have already alluded to. You can play bingo online from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to drive or commute, playing bingo is as easy as switching on your computer. These sites are also available on your phone which means you can play on the move if that suite you better.

Furthermore, these online bingo games take place all throughout the day. You can find a bingo game at 7 in the morning or at midnight. Online bingo is available anytime, anywhere.

Deals and offers

When playing bingo online, you are far more likely to come across several different providers. This means that the bingo developers and sites need to provide special offers and promotions to get players to play their bingo games. This is a massive benefit to players as they get to try out and play bingo absolutely free for a short period of time.

Bingo halls just can’t afford to provide these types of offers.


When crafting a new bingo game, there are no limits when it comes to the online space. You can set the stakes high or low, have a ridiculous theme or even provide players with as many cards as they want. If a developer is willing to develop a game, there is someone out there willing to play that type of bingo.

So, how does a bingo hall stack up?

Pros of a bingo hall


The main thing that real bingo halls have over their online counterpart is familiarity and simplicity. People know how a live bingo hall works. For some, playing bingo online might require learning an entirely new skill. There is still a need for these types of bingo games.

It’s a night out

It might sound strange but there is a lot more to bingo than people might think. Leaving the house and going somewhere can lead to all sorts of experiences. Players might want to eat out first or have a few drinks.

Sure, the games are slower and less accessible, but going out to play bingo provides its own unique set of experiences.


It is easy to point to online bingo as the best way to play bingo. There are just so many benefits to playing online that the old bingo hall may become a thing of the past.

However, bingo halls still have a place. They make up a part of going out, creating memories and experiences. That is something that can never be replaced. Yes, online bingo is better, but don’t count out the live game entirely.

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