10 Best Indian Web Series on Amazon Prime, You Must Check

We are in 2021, where a huge number of people want to be an entrepreneur. It sounds quite exciting. Mainly, youngsters think that they have a unique concept and let’s begin with a startup.

They start their entrepreneur’s journey but after some time, they feel like losing motivation. It may be because they continually keep working on their venture without taking rest and break. And after some time, if they do not get the expected result, they lose hope. This is where entrepreneurs need some source of encouragement and inspiration. Today, there is a variety of web series that are giving a kick to young entrepreneurs to start on their own and provide inspiration to stand again and some revolutionary things.

To help you with getting back and feel persuasive again, we have listed here 10 best web series for entrepreneurs

TVF Pitchers


One of the first shows in India that had the primary theme of entrepreneurship, TVF Pitchers was released in the year 2015. The time it got launched, the series literally became a viral fever since it was the first show on Indian Television focused on startups or entrepreneurs. This drama-comedy series revolves around four young men who work typical corporate desk jobs- the standard nine to five job.

This show grabbed substantial attention right from its first few episodes when one of the leads in the show, Naveen, gets drunk and calls up his boss in the middle of the night and is told that he is leaving his job. In the morning, after a hangover, he realized what he did that night, he freaked out. But luckily, an idea that he has been brewing for the past couple of months, with his closest friends, falls through.

Naveen convinces his friends to leave their jobs, they dodge investors who try blindsiding them, make perfect software and harbour ego-clashes and friendship.

The show, TVF Pitchers takes you through the ups and downs of starting a business and running it successfully. Overall, it has everything a first-time startup founder is bound to experience.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, and you are planning to start your own business, you must see the TVF Pitchers, it is available on Netflix.



Another popular show in India for entrepreneurs, Upstarts was released in 2019. This is an India production Netflix original movie that revolves around three college graduates chasing success with their health tech startup.

The main highlight of this film is the evolution of their relationship as their startup goes through the roller coaster ride. It reveals the hard work, efforts, sacrifices, repercussions, and ambitions of working with friends to make a startup dream come true. In the movie, you get great insights into how friends change when launching a startup together. It is a must-watch for every entrepreneur aspiring to make millions through his idea as stories of common people are bound to inspire him.

How I Made My Millions

How I Made My Millions

The popular CNBC original show, How I Made My Million show is focusing on common people who made it big with their idea, hard work and education. This show takes you through the whole journey from the beginning and then moves on to the various transitions and finally how the entrepreneur reaches to its success. This is one of the best web series for entrepreneurs

The CNBC original series started and released the first season episode in 2009. It mainly talks about the biography of the biggest businessmen and women revealing how they turn ordinary ideas into an extraordinary business. 

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

The American TV series, Silicon Valley is made by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and David Krinsky. It was started in 2014 and soon this show became one of the most popular motivations and best web series for entrepreneurs. It is a unique show ever made especially for entrepreneurship mindset people.

In this show, you can analyze how tough it is to dig your root deeper and nourish your startup idea like a baby, your one wrong action can totally destroy you or lead you bankruptcy and one right decision can change your world and can take yours towards peak success.

 This web series has a total of 6 seasons. Many successful business leaders like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet appreciate the efforts this series brings. It will help you to easily understand the business concepts. Because of its unique concept, message, and insights, the show has been honored with a lot of awards.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a great web series framed by Charlie Brooker. This is a British science-fiction motivational series; it was inspired by the older anthology series, The Twilight Zon. This show is focused on showing how modern technologies are going to benefit us. And how missing the use of those technologies can create a horrible scene that costs huge. Every season of this show contains different eras of technology that force you to watch all the web series and this experience is mind-blowing.

The creator of this web series is able to deal with controversial, contemporary topics with less fear of censorship than other realistic programs. Brooker has successfully developed Black Mirror as a topic that shows the relationship of humanity with technology with a feature, the way we live now, and the way we might be living in 10 minutes if we are clumsy.

The Profit

The Profit

The Profit is a unique show and considered as one of the best web series for entrepreneurs. This most-watched series shows that being a successful entrepreneur is not all rainbows and butterflies. It broadcasts the raw, challenging and often ugly side of setting up your own business.

The show revolves around real-life businessman, Marcus Lemonis, one of the renowned business leaders and his decision to invest money into struggling companies and convert them into a highly profitable initiative for a percentage of both business and profit.

This is an excellent in-depth lesson for all startup owners, as the first part of the show brings a tutorial of sorts where they show you what you should not do as an entrepreneur. The show is focused on three P’s- People, Process, and Product, the triangular mantra of success for any startup founder and member.



Released in 2016, StartUp is the US web series created by Ben Ketai. This is a unique interesting concept that makes it stands out from its contemporaries. This web story is all about a tech startup’s journey and it features Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, and Addison Timlin.

In the show, a banker from Brooklyn, a Haitian gang lord, and a Cuban hacker put their heads together to raise a potential multi-billion dollar business on digital currency that could revolutionize the future of money itself. This is among the best web series for entrepreneurs in India.

The show is all about six young men who co-founded a startup company. Despite all the heavy competition in the Mecca of the Business World. In Spite of all the setbacks and issues, they just go on to fulfill their dream.

The American documentary motivational web series, The Office shows is another popular startup show that you can watch. This startup show shows that the everyday lives of the office.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Another TV show and one of the best shows for entrepreneurs on Netflix, Shark Tank is an unscripted show. In this show, investment-seeking entrepreneurs make business presentations to a panel of five investors. Aka sharks who then select whether to invest in their company as business partners. The first time, this show premiered in 209 as the American franchise of the global format Dragons’ Den.

The longstanding panel members of the show include business tycoons like Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary. Richard Branson, Chris Sacca, and Ashton Kutcher have all appeared as guest sharks.

In this show, entrepreneurs from across the world pitch their business model to a board of speculators; and convince them to invest in their concepts. So far, the shark tank had invested in many startup companies; and provided billions of dollars as a return to investors.

House of Cards

House Of Cards

House of Cards is an American political thriller; it was released on February 1, 2013. This is another great show for learning how to use tricky tactics in business relationships; as there are a lot of these. The show takes you on a long journey as he asks for his vengeance on those he feels wronged him. Including his own cabinet members including the President of the US himself.

House of Cards is basically a political show where everyone comes up with a motive. It pulls strings at some point to get what they want to achieve. If you are on a roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship, it will motivate you to keep calm. During a tough phase and deal with multiple encounters, you get in each phase of life.

Girl in the City

Girl In The City

The last name in this list, Girl in the City is plotted on an unorthodox concept. It is about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to live her dreams and focuses on her aspirations.

The show is among the best web series for entrepreneurs in India. And it is about her journey in the metropolitan city that eventually turns into an inspirational tale. This is quite empowering and encouraging women to never give up in life. The life of the lead character in the series revolves around a lot of twists and turns. And does let viewers lose interest at any time.

If being your own boss is something you aspire to, utilize your free time productively; by watching these 10 best web series for entrepreneurs; and boost your business knowledge as well as motivation.

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