2020, has been a year with many unprecedented situations. But unlike the other major pandemic centuries ago, today we have technology and mobile phone with apps. And I am sure many of you have been using these apps for increasing your productivity, or as a part of entertainment for yourself. Today, we are sharing with you a list of most useful mobile apps in India along with the useful apps for iPhone and most useful android apps in daily life, especially in the quarantine life.

When we talk about the best apps, it is assumed that one may some of these apps already in their phones but there is still scope. There is also a chance that you have heard about these apps, but never found yourself downloading them or using them, so let’s see what you can discover. With some of the most useful applications in android and iPhones, one can say that most of the apps mentioned below are compatible in both the mobile phones but some are designed specifically for iPhone.

Google Drive: Mostly a free app, but chargeable after a certain memory limit, Google Drive is a cloud storage solution with 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. Now, it is one of most useful mobile application keeping in mind all the space and different applications it offers including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

Some of the features of these apps include live collaboration, deep sharing features, and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents which are essential for daily life as well as the work from home life as multiple parties can be allowed to work together easily. It also offers Google Photos application that with its smart assistance allows one to organise their phone’s photo gallery.

Google Assistant / Google Feed / Google Search: Almost every phone is inbuilt with this app, so if you have it already in your phone or plan to download it, here are its features that you can explore. Compatible with Android phones, the application can be used after one enables it. Following which one can ask it whatever they want and also offer commands like controlling lights, asking about population control, and doing simple math problems for you.

Avast! Mobile Security: With the digitalisation comes the most powerful threat, the threat of being hacked. So, this android security app offers a multitude of services including virus protection, privacy advisor, application management, shield control, SMS & call filter, network meter – measures your data usage on Wi-Fi or 3G., anti-theft. (some features require root access).

The standalone application’s anti-theft feature includes remote wipe, lock, siren, locate, SIM card change notifications and a wide array of text commands that you can send. One can also set 2 special numbers to be used if the device is lost/stolen to send commands. If installed with root access, the application will stay on the machine even after a hard reset, and the user can remotely switch on GPS or data connection.

EVERNOTE: Since most of the work is done on phone, the Evernote mobile phone app is necessary as it allows one to take notes and also store, images, audio/video clips. The note application is limited to that as it further synchronizes these notes to the cloud which the users can access from the web browser, Windows client or iOS client. Evernote is useful mobile apps for students and a more equipped one than a simple note application in the phone, keeps your notes well organised, and be proved to be very essential for people who take down a lot of notes and memos.

INSTAGRAM: One of the most popular apps today, Instagram, acquired by Facebook for a cool billion dollars is known to be the best Photo-sharing apps for mobile phones. The application has loads of images which can be viewed after searching a keyword, hashtags related to the keyword, the name of a place or person. Being a global app, one can look at any amount of data from across the world. It has also helped turn simple amateur photography into great professional pieces with all the filters.

Since the lockdown, the app has been having an increased number of visitors which can be great if you at the business side of things. Instagram allows you to geotag your photos (that makes the photo tell where it was taken) and seamlessly post to Facebook, Twitter and several other social sites, but from a business perspective, it has the amazing feature of promotional posts. Your followers can like and comment on your picture posts right from Instagram.


Well, besides the above-mentioned apps, here are some useful apps for iPhone:

Find My iPhone: Buying an iPhone means you if you have invested into a brand of luxury and high performance, which is another factor to protect your phone apart from it being the essential part of life it has become today, So, the Find My iPhone is an application from Apple which helps you locate a lost or stolen iPhone and other Apple devices, like iMacs and iPads.

What do you need to operate it? Well, you can log in to the app with your Apple login and find the geo-location of any of your devices, as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G. The amazing feature is that you can remotely make your phone blare a loud noise, even if it’s turned to silent mode and also can remotely send a message to your phone’s screen if you think someone trustworthy has it in their position and you want them to be able to contact you.

Although there are a plethora of mobile applications one can see today, there is also a certain amount of space each of them covers as soon as you download them which affects your device’s performance. The mentioned apps in this article offer you some of the most useful applications without distressing your mobile experience.

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