Best Latin America Themed Slots

Being part of what is often revered as the most exotic continent, Latin America and all her beauty have spurred a lot of inspiration for interesting online slot games – play Bonanza slots. We believe that it has to be something to do with either the delicious food, the hot weather, the beautiful colors in tradition and blossoming plants, and the fun music… but we can let you decide on that one.

From Argentina, all the way to Mexico and Cuba, take a trip through Latin America in online slot games and try your hand on the leaver and see if South America’s will be kind to you today!

What are the Main Themes of Latin American Online Slots?

Being such a diverse area of the world, the Latin American themed slot games are completely different from each other and cover a variety of settings, meaning that a well-travelled player like you can get a little taste of all the various cultures and hopefully win a couple of quid on the journey as you go!

Some of the most common and favourite Latin American themed slot games are:

  1. Day of the Dead – The Mexican tradition in early May celebrates the lives of all those who died. The incredibly famous festival is renowned for its high-intensity costumes and colors making it perfect for any big bidder to have a great time when enjoying the colors the online slot representations have to offer you!
  2. The Jungle – Deep into the Brazilian countryside begins the great Amazon rainforest, and deep into the rainforest are heaps of jungle inhabitants waiting to take you on a journey through the temples and goldmines that they have to show you.
  3. The Incas – See, we told you that the culture of Latin America would be incredibly diverse! Why not try out some of the old Incan traditions: make a sacrifice, find out where the sun is pointing to the treasure, or maze your way through the Machu Picchu citadel to find what goodies they have to offer you.
  4. Exotic – South American beaches and Tiki huts are about as exotic as it gets, right? Sit back with a pina colada in a coconut, dip your feet in the warm salty water, and spin away on your favorite Latin American exotically-themed online casino game. What could honestly be better? Maybe a cheeky jackpot to go along with it!

Are Latin American Themed Casino Games Worth it?

We know that some of you are not convinced and want your classic fruities, so we have compiled a simple advantages and disadvantages of Latin America themed slot games so that you do not have to do any of the hard decision making work:

Exciting visualsNot as simple
New bonus roundsOften far fetched
Exotic themes that keep you hookedNo like the old way!
Massive variety in themesNot as easy to understand
More developed storylinesHarder to get involved in

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