5 Best HR Magazines in India, You should Check

The human resource industry has been flourishing at such a rapid pace. It compels HR professionals to manage the entire recruiting process with the support of advanced recruiting software. In this highly competitive age, every recruiter should update himself with the new changes carried out day-by-day in the market. And to keep themselves updated, many experts prefer to read about the HR industry, Recruitment process and other aspects.

There are plenty of things to read and not have enough time. Hence, we have compiled a quick list of best HR magazines in India you should read. These magazines contain all the latest updates and trends to make your work easier and faster.

Without any further ado, and in no particular order, here are our 5 best HR magazines in India to check out in 2020.

5 Best HR magazines in India

1 Human Capital

Human Capital

One of the best HR magazines in India, Human Capital is widely read by 80% of HR professionals. Its case study and cover story are all the time noteworthy and readable. If you are looking to know about the human resource industry, you can read this magazine to know some HR vendors for different services. Also, of course case study is very helpful to understand and the legal column is a must-read for the HR professional who does to have a penchant for statutory laws.

Keep yourself updated with the HR field, read the Human Capital magazine. The only drawback of this magazine is that most of the pages are covered with the advertisements.

2 Management Today

Management Today

‘Not just business as usual’, magazine, Management Today is probably an unusual choice for expert HR professionals. However, for those who want to understand what’s preoccupying the minds of your business’s senior leaders and managers, there is probably a no better option in the market.

Management today comes up with comprehensive coverage of topics like women in business, leadership, Brexit, and business growth. While you get a limited number of articles to read for free each month, to get full access to the magazine, you will need to pay.

3 People Matters

People Matters

People Matter is another best HR magazine in India for Senior Management/mid-management working in the strategic aspect of HR. This magazine brings quality and good content in every issue and people find it interesting to read.

Another great thing about this magazine, its language is quite good compared to other magazines and this is what makes it worth investing money to read it. People Matters is specially focused on HR people from giant brands and you hardly find any lesser-known companies HR talking, even smaller brands have unique and best HR practices. Overall, it is a must for any HR professional who is passionate about their work.

4 Recruiter


Are you working in the HR industry and looking to enhance your knowledge? Then you have the best HR magazine in India, Recruiter. It is a reputed publication that covers all your needs from the regarding the recruitment side of HR of the HR industry.

Whether you are working from home or working in a company, if you decide to read this magazine regularly, you will get great inspiration from it and it would benefit your business a lot.

5 Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

The original granddaddy of HR magazines, Harvard Business Review is renowned names; the best HR magazines in India as well as across the world. It was founded in 1922 and since then it has been providing cutting-edge management advice.

Apart from its extensive network of offline printing, Harvard Business Review also has an extensive online library. And most importantly there is no limit on how many articles you can read a month for free. Providing with about 20 different email newsletters to choose from, Harvard Business Review magazine does cater to almost every audience.

Bottom Line on Best HR Magazines

These are some of the best HR magazines in India, recommended for the professional working human resource industry. Keep yourself updated with the latest digital technologies and industry news.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubt or question related to the post. Do you think we missed some major HR publications? Get in touch and tell us, you can also let us know in the comment section below.

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