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Affiliate Marketing FAQ for Beginners

If you are looking for an online business option that are simple to start, need no investment and provide great earning potential, affiliate marketing is the best option. You only need to make some efforts initially, and you have a bright future in affiliate marketing.

However, if you are completely new in this, and you have no idea how it works then it is tough for you to succeed in affiliate marketing. In order to help you to understand how it works, how you can grow with it and get maximum benefit.

Q. What is an affiliate marketing program?

A. This program is basically a system where you post a link to another website through your blog and if a visitor makes any purchase through your site or fill a lead you receive a pre-determined commission.

Q. How much one can earn through affiliate marketing in India?

A. One can earn lakhs to crore through affiliate marketing. The amount of money you can earn as an affiliate marketer in India is limitless. Now it depends on your efforts and marketing strategy how much you can make.

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Presently, companies are spending a huge amount of money as affiliate commissions. And for this, they want effective marketing professionals. If you are ready to make the required efforts, you can earn huge amounts of money.

Q. Is affiliate marketing easy?

A. Affiliate marketing is simple but not easy. You need to make a lot of efforts and devote time to become a successful affiliate marketing professional. Some people have to work for months or even years to even get their first facilitating commission. But you can have success in a short period if you go with the right strategy and planning.

Q. Which Affiliate Network to Choose?

A. Selecting the perfect affiliate network is a major issue for the affiliate marketer. While there are many popular affiliate marketing websites in India, you need to follow some important points. First of all, before choosing an affiliate network, check how much they have paid in remuneration to their affiliates. Also, see the popularity of the sites and its user-friendliness.

Q. Is affiliate marketing profitable in India?

A. It is a highly profitable business option in India. Simply because you get the option to join Indian affiliate programs and worldwide affiliate programs.

Q. What’s the difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping?

A. Affiliate marketing is based on referrals when someone buys through the shared link. Here the affiliate does not need to handily any money as the customer is taken directly to the merchant’s website to make the purchase. Under affiliate marketing, the sale is tracked through cookies and a commission paid for the referring affiliate.

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Dropshipping enables you to have a digital store without having to stock products. You advertise the products as if you owned them, but someone makes an order then makes a duplicate order with the company at a lower cost. In this process, distributors take care of the packaging and delivery on your behalf.

Affiliate marketing does not need the affiliate to fulfil the sales process or handle customer support. In the dropshipping, you will be responsible for the sales procedure, even though you are not handling any inventory part.

Q. How much does it come to join an affiliate program?

A. There are absolutely no costs involved in being part of the program or joining any platform.

Q. What is an affiliate disclosure statement?

A. The affiliate disclosure statement reveals that there may be affiliate links on the site, for which a commission is paid to the publisher if these links are clicked and the purchase is made.

Q. Can we have an affiliate program in different countries?

A. You can promote your affiliate program in any country where there is a need for the product you are offering. If your website runs in multiple language visitors, this is best set up an affiliate program per language where possible can direct their visitors to the right version.

Q. How to choose a product for affiliate marketing in India?

A. Selling products to potential customers is the main step to make money with affiliate marketing. And a customer purchases your products when this is good enough and fulfils their needs. If you think that all the visitors coming to your site will buy any just from you then this is not true.

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To find the right products, you need to do proper research about the product that you will be choosing from affiliate networks such as Clickbank or Commission Junction.

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