8 Best IT Companies to Work for in Bangalore

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore houses numerous tech giants like Google, IBM, Infosys and many more. No wonder, fresh graduates and experienced professionals want to make a career in the top companies.

But what is driving the companies towards the city? The major factor behind Bangalore’s success is, it serves as the headquarters for some of the leading companies in the world. Besides, the quickly expanding Bangalore, has some of the best IT companies to work for, with a skilled workforce, amazing company culture and high employee engagement. In turn, these tactics help employees feel valued and empower that results in great work and employee satisfaction. Now the question arises, which are the best software companies in Bangalore to work for?

We have sorted here a list of best IT companies to work for in Bangalore renowned for their friendly atmosphere and multiple perks. Present-day, these firms are the dream destinations for people looking to start their career in the IT sector.

Best IT Companies to Work for in Bangalore


The search engine giant has a huge office in Bangalore and it has been successfully hitting the top spot in the list of best IT companies to work for continuously. A flexible work schedule facility to enjoy outdoor and indoor games, free food, health insurance, competitive salary, and above all, tremendous learning and growth opportunities are some of the perks that Google offers. The employees get to enjoy umpteen fun activities and employee benefits during their stint at the company.


Infosys, the giant software brand, needs no introduction today. It is offering outsourcing services, information technology and business consulting and many other advanced and innovative solutions. Aside from its unique solutions and services the company is focused on creating a joyful and productive atmosphere for every employee. With perks like healthcare insurance and regular on the job training, Infosys is considered among the best IT companies to work for in Bangalore.

Tech Mahindra

Another leading IT firm to work for in Bangalore, Tech Mahindra is a global telecom outsourcing, IT consulting and IT services company. It is part of the million-dollar Mahindra group, to expand its IT operations. Tech Mahindra fosters a positive and goal-based work environment under excellent guidance with great emphasis on personal growth.


Amazon is among the most loved companies in Bangalore. The work culture of the company is intensely innovative and mainly focused on providing excellent customer service. Because of inclusive work culture with vast opportunities, access to the best tools and courses to enrich your work experience make Amazon one of the best IT companies to work for in Bangalore.

IBM Indian Pvt Ltd

The Indian subsidiary of IBM,  IBM Indian Pvt Ltd is headquartered in Bangalore. It offers computer hardware consulting and IT services. It is mainly serving the banking, telecommunication, and retail sector. This decades-old industry leader has created an organizational structure that encourages intermingling of verticals, which ensures that a sound and rounded knowledge base is par on course on the matter where one joins.

SAP Labs

Sap Labs India, another IT giant, brings a unique work culture. Based out of Whitefield in Bangalore, the company has consistently been given praise for being by freshers, who walk through its doors. In a flexible and inclusive environment, the company’s HR policies are focused on employee satisfaction and equality. Revolutinoning tech solutions and introducing innovations, SAP Labs is a market leader in enterprise application software apart from being one of the best IT companies to work for in Bangalore.

Dell EMC

Renowned for its action and delivery-oriented work atmosphere, Dell demands a lot from any fresher but provides a lot in return. The company was started in 1979 and it offers services related to information security, data storage, cloud computing, analytics, virtualization, etc. The company is targeting multiple vertical marketing including large companies’ small and medium-sized businesses.

MindTree Ltd

The Leading It services and IT consulting company, MindTree was founded in 1999. It is headquartered in Bangalore. The company mainly deals in mobile applications, digital transformation, e-commerce, and data analytics, ERP, etc. Their unique mentoring system makes this company a perfect place to start for freshers. Also, the company brings various other employee benefits programs and services that make it among the best IT companies to work for in Bangalore.

And, that’s our list of best IT companies to work for in Bangalore. Go through each company’s website and check their policies for better understanding. We wish you all the best for your bright future.

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