Around 70 percent of people in India are still depends upon farming


April month comes with hope of showering flowers after March closing. Hopefully, the new session will be coming with huge opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. As per the prediction of the weather bureau on India, we may be in for a long, hot, dry spell this spring, bringing with it the possibility of having a very active wildfire season. Even though it is not a surprising prediction in India where the last few years had not been productive in the terms of farming, many businesses achieved their goal successfully. However, agriculture has been the most important side of Indian economy where more than 70 percent people of India are still depend on farming. So, let’s all hope and pray for a little rain!

In our April issues of The CEO Magazine, we have many special events and activities to share. To start with two special editions “30 Most Trusted Brand to Watch in India” and “50 Emerging Startup to Watch”, our Data Analysis team along with our editors has worked hard to bring some special and unique stories for entrepreneurs. On one hand the special edition “30 Most Trusted Brand to Watch in India” will make our readers comfortable in term of choosing right brands for their requirements, on the other hand “50 Emerging Startup to Watch” edition will bring few interesting and motivational stories for not only readers but business leaders also.

And speaking of the regular issue of April, we are offering few amazing stories with real information as per the requirement of every enterprises during ‘closing year’. The theme of the issue will be “Tax Consultant” that will be bringing efficiency in your business with tax guide stories.

Lastly, I would like to wish you prosperity and blessings as we enter the second quarter of this year.  And every day, may we all be blessings to each other!

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