7 Convincing Reasons Patek Philippe Watch Is Worth Its Price

When you talk about luxury watches, it is already a given that all of them are expensive. With their years of manufacturing and designing every timepiece plus the premium materials they use, it’s somehow understandable for them to charge a couple of bucks higher than a regular watch. However, some of them cost more than many people can avoid. Because of this, it makes them a little hesitant to invest in one.

But did you know every penny is worth it when buying a luxury watch? One of the most expensive luxury watches in the world is Patek Philippe. Their collections cost more than hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece. This makes this particular brand one of the most sought-after watches for both watch collectors and enthusiasts. If you are considering buying this watch but quite hesitant about it, this article will convince you why you should not think twice.

The different Patek Philippe models

Since the company was established in the 1830s, Patek Philippe dedicated itself to producing a variety of models that will fit every person’s lifestyle. Among their popular collections are Patek Philippe Nautilus, Grand Complications, Gondolo, Calatrava, and more. Each has its own personality and a wide range of models that resemble the brand’s enthusiasm and dedication in watchmaking.

Each model is created with the most complicated mechanism and features paired with the most creative designs. You can choose from a variety of watches with metal bracelets up to colorful leather watch straps. Regardless of whether you are looking for a daily timepiece for when you need to go to work or you need an elegant dress watch for a formal occasion, Patek Philippe surely has a model for you.

Reasons Patek Philippe watches are expensive

The company hires high-caliber watchmakers to maintain the quality and reputation they have established through their many years of experience. Aside from this, here are more reasons Patek Philippe watches are expensive and why you should get one for yourself.

A century of heritage

Through the years, Patek Philippe has developed some of the most precise and high-quality watches of all time. This is because the company’s goal is not just to create a watch for you, but also for the children of your children. Their tagline is “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” It means that the moment they conceptualize your watch, they are also considering the longevity of its usage. They make sure that the watch will be a family heirloom and will still work perfectly after passing it to many generations.

Groundbreaking advancements

Despite their success, Patek Philippe is not complacent. Through the years, they create more innovation to improve the performance and quality of their watches with groundbreaking advancements. In that way, every piece of Patek Philippe will serve more than just its purpose of timekeeping. They also received 100 patents for all their complicated inventions in horology, which signifies the company’s dedication to producing unique items.

Meticulous and exceptional designs

Aside from focusing on the technical aspect of watchmaking, Patek Philippe also values the aesthetic appeal of their watches. Every piece is carefully created with the most artistic and exceptional designs. Through this, it will stand out among other brands and models in the market today. They use the most precious decor, such as premium metals and stunning stones. After all, a watch is also a piece of expensive accessories and jewelry.

Intricate craftsmanship

Complicated watches such as this needs more than just the basic skill of watchmaking. Patek Philippe makes sure that each of their timepieces is carefully handcrafted by an expert to balance the technical and aesthetic aspects of every watch. Because each watch has about 252 individual parts, it is assembled manually with the utmost commitment to excellent craftsmanship. Because of this, each piece of their watch takes about 3 to 5 years to finish.

A limited number of watches released

Because each watch takes years to finish, Patek Philippe only releases 50,000 pieces of watches per year. This is significantly less than what other brands do annually. It adds exclusivity to anyone who owns a Patek Philippe watch. For this brand, you don’t need to wait for a limited-edition model because every timepiece is a limited-edition release. Wearing one of their selections is like getting a front-row seat at a concert.

Supported by well-known personalities

Because of their well-known reputation, celebrities and famous personalities cannot say no to Patek Philippe. One way or another, they have to have a piece of this luxury watch brand in their collection. Some of the most popular persons who love this brand are the Beatles, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles of Wales, and Queen Elizabeth II. Contrary to popular belief, famous people do not just wear any brand without actually liking it. And since Patek Philippe made their way to these historical people’s wrists, it symbolizes the company’s strength in watchmaking.

A valuable investment

Apart from all the positive attributes that Patek Philippe possesses, it is also an excellent investment. If you don’t wish to pass it on to your offsprings, you can also offer its timeless beauty to another family. Patek Philippe always has a good resale value, and it is always fair in the market. Its value increases as the years go by. For vintage watches in their collection, you will surely get almost double of what you paid for.

Get your Patek Philippe watch today!

You deserve the most beautiful and most eccentric luxury watch in the world. Patek Philippe is certainly the best watch to start your watch collection, a gift for your loved ones, and a timepiece to celebrate a job well done. Get yourself a Patek Philippe watch today. You can check out TheWatchCompany.com to get more inspiration and choose from the various models in their collection. Visit their website to know more.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_2cPKh63q_c

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