5 Best CRM Software for Business

5 Best CRM Software for Business

In this ultramodern phase, managing information about contacts, customers, and deals is easier said than done. At the initial phase, it may not look so strenuous, but when the business flourishes, it become challenging to organize them in an appropriate way, as, it where CRM software can support you.

Here, we have come up with the excellent CRM software that is fantastic for the feature and reasonable for the cost. We have collected some essential information about each of them and list some advantages to help business owners to evaluate the best CRM that suits their business needs. 

Hubspot CRM: Cream of the Crop


Hubspot is a technological boon and a full-featured CRM. For this exceeding framework that affiliate both marketing and sales, Hubspot is the best tool. It is widely used by business owners to get sale information and close a number of deals. This is also efficacious in constructing a solid inbound strategy into the sales channel and assures for maximum revenue from the marketing efforts.


  • Users can use all its features at free of cost.
  • Hubspot comprises three main modules- sales, marketing, and CRM. The best part is that each module can be used separately or combine at once.
  • It allows users to keep up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, storage without any expiration dates and hidden charge. 

ZOHO CRM: Finalized the Most Specific Task


ZOHO CRM empowers corporations with the entire customer relationship lifecycle management solution and best known for its adaptability. It meets the needs of small-scale and large enterprise equally well and finishes even the most specific tasks accordingly. With this, corporations can find the trends, boost efficiency and also cut cost with it. Additionally, it is a free platform for the group of 10 people and allows having the storage up to 1 GB.


  • ZOHO CRM provides the all-inclusive control of the sales pipeline inclusive of numerous leads and contact management features.
  • It authorizes users to figure out and target inactive leads with data saved in history to reorient customer messaging.
  • This CRM is updated on a constant basis to introduce something better every time.

Insightly CRM: Wonderful Tool with no-payment Plan

Insightly CRM

The ultimate goal of any company for operating CRM software is to perceive its customer in a more appropriate way. Insightly performs to enable companies to establish a strong bond with their customers, enhance sales, and deliver projects. The software utilizes data from recent and potential customers.  It is one of the outstanding CRM software with a pretty no-payment plan. Its free plan provides up to 2 users, 2500 contacts and data storage of 200 MG free of charge.


  • Insightly CRM is very user-friendly and straightforward.
  • With it, you can keep track of every client that you have nurtured.
  • Its exclusive feature is in its relationship linking that allows you to connect all the dots between your data.

Pipedrive CRM: Uncomplicated and Cost-effective

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a booming CRM solution with an easy to use interface. Once configured, it can track phone calls, emails, and the whole sales process. By providing a solid overview of your status, it encourages you to concentrate on the genuine prospects at the right time. All in all, this tool presents an uncomplicated, economical and convenient solution.


  • With the Pipledrive CRM, one gets the dashboard, where he can see the entire sales activities at one glance.
  • The CRM is accessible from anywhere and can be configured in less than two minutes.
  • It can be connected to over a hundred apps including Google, Trello and more.

Base CRM: Keeps Finger on the Pulse of Sales

Base CRM

The Base CRM is mainly for the business that relies heavily on the sale process, as it is able to handle complicated tasks with best of them. Its dashboard presents everything business needs to keep their finger on the pulse of sales. It imports all deal updates automatically and provides with fresh data always to work it.


  • It has powerful sales tools that impact any business effectively.
  • Its automate task supports to have steady communication cadence with customers.
  • The base is also helpful in deciding the revenue goals for business by tracking all information related to leads and partners.

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