Documents required to open a free Demat account in India

The trading process in the Indian stock market has grown and evolved significantly over the past two decades. The NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and the CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) are the two major depositories in the country that have played a significant role in bringing this revolutionary change. The NSDL brought the concept of “Dematerialisation” which implies converting physical share certificates into electronic forms. To execute this process, Demat Accounts are used.There are many

Work on Website Traffic with Free Tips

Working at a website, for a digital marketing expert or a business owner who administers the online aspects of business; is different for everyone. While many may search for finding solutions to increase website traffic in minutes, the fact cannot be avoided that the website traffic cannot be built in a few minutes or a couple of days.However, efforts apart from word of mouth, in terms of on-page SEO, link building, etc can be done to ensure that the website not only reaches but also connects with the users.Search

Create & Submit Sitemap to Google

Often put as the roadmap to your website, the XML sitemaps is how you get Google’s bots; to crawl every important page of your website. Mostly every page of the website especially when there are chances that your website’s pages end up; without any internal links pointing to them, making them hard to find.Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and other Search Engines allow one to submit your sitemap to them. But Google is the top search engine cannot be ignored at any cost. Now, you must have heard #1 Rank on

iGaming India: Exploring the Subcontinent’s Explosive New Industry

Business leaders and innovators in technology and internet services have been eyeing up the Indian market for years. Increasingly affordable ways to access the internet and the massive population of over 1.3 billion people make for a tantalizing audience to appeal to, with big-name companies already starting to ease their way into the subcontinent. With the online space constantly getting a larger Indian audience, new industries are emerging that weren’t present before, with one such industry being the online entertainment


Building a loyal clientele traditionally looked like decades of being in existence, generations buying and trusting the quality of your products and services and coming back to experience the same.Having mentioned that, today, as digitalization has revolutionised the business ecosystem, loyal clientele can be equivalent to loyal website. Visitors for anyone with a website online, be it e-commerce brands or online service providers.Well, the number of visitors matter and there is no doubt about that; so how to turn


ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGEAppearing on the google search result matters now more than ever and to do the same, many brands opt for Google My Business listing. For business owners, the Google Business profile creates an effective tool in SEO and lead generation through the search engine.WHAT IS MY GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE OR GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE?Well, it is a page that shows your business details inclusive of your address, phone number, website. It also shows open hours and more to help customers find


GOOGLE FREE SERVICES FOR ENTREPRENEURSHOW TO USE GOOGLE TO BUILD BRANDS?Planning to reinvent your business, be your boss and earn through the plethora of online businesses?Well, if you are, then there are chances that Google, the most used search engine globally, is what you are going to use. Now, there are a few free services by Google which are used in most professional working spaces while some of them are used by digital marketers to promote businesses locally and globally. But the fact that you can


STAY UPDATED WITH BEST BUSINESS NEWS CHANNELSWhy do we need the best business news channels?Staying updated on the go. I am sure you will agree if you are a professional, a student or anyone who has a schedule and wants to be familiar with recent news, he/she will not grab a newspaper first thing in 2020. But look for video content online for relevant news to save time at the same time. Being best business news channel means that all those who are seeking updates and information will be equipped with not only news


DID YOU KNOW WHEN THESE ACTORS DEBUTED?Here you go, find out how your favoriteactresss debuted:Priyanka Chopra: The global star today, Priyanka who initially studied aeronautical engineering took a turning point in her life when her mother submitted her pictures for a beauty pageant and she won the title of Miss World 2000 and accepted offers to join the Indian film industry making her Bollywood debut in The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (2003). Some of her renowned movies are MujhseShaadiKarogi, Aitreaaz, Mary Kom,


HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWING IN 2020?Quarantine has indeed increased traffic on social media websites. This gives many brands a chance to grow online with a Instagram strategy for 2020. Be it products or personal blogs, you have a chance to be visible now to your target audience. It is a great time if you offer an online service online or have a product you can deliver amidst the pandemic, well, then you have a chance to sell it more than ever.What do you need? A promotional post? Is a picture worth looking


PRO TIPS TO MANAGE AND ENGAGE KIDS IN QUARANTINECOVID-19 has led to various consequences, one of them in quarantine, which can be put as unwanted summer holidays no one asked for. Technology has indeed supported many people to at least have some sort of work and study going on, but we are still restricted to our homes.For students, in the first stage of the pandemic outbreak in India, while schools were shut down which remains the scenario right now as well, many online teaching applications came forward with free


The definition of a normal scenario is changed, sanitization has shifted from a choice to a necessity and death rates across the world have been terrifying. The COVID-19 patients and non-patients both are at chances of suffering from not only physical but mental harm as well.Yes, both are at risk, while quarantine has disturbed schedules and caused people to have limited movement and unlimited time to think which may not be productive at the end of the day, for people who do not have an infectious disease, there are a

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