DSCIGN BIOSYS: partnering with farmers to bring excellence and efficiency in farming


DSCIGN BIOSYS: partnering with farmers to bring excellence and efficiency in farming

Biotechnology gets down to the heart of biology to make innovative and groundbreaking discoveries in the world. There are highly valuable companies in the industry with intelligent people, who are making it possible. DSCIGN BIOSYS PVT LTD is a preeminent name amid them; it is taking science beyond boundaries and making real innovations a global success. The company was established in the year 2010 by Dr.Dhananjay Naik and Dr. Swetha with the aim of serving Indian farmers and encourage them to organic farming at the national level.

DSCIGN BIOSYS is a magnificent team with a bunch of highly qualified Agri scientists, research associates, production engineers, and marketing personnel. Company has dedicated Ph.D., Post Doctorate and M.Sc. Agri people who have been working day-night for the development of natural farming components. Company has got 40+ products, 26 state licenses, 5 state operation license, 25 marketing staff, 12 scientists and more than 75 office staff. DSCIGN BIOSYS is working on the target of pulling organic blanket across the nation with a wide range of organic & microbial products to initiate organic agriculture with affordable price. Presently the marketing activities spread over Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Panjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Company’s main strength lies in strong R&D, Precision Quality and scales up technologies. The focal point of DSCIGN BIOSYS is on addressing severe diseases and pest problems in agriculture and horticulture crops, precision irrigation, precision farming, addressing water and soil problems, soil conservations, alternative nutrition, etc., through organic farming, natural farming, and microbial agriculture a concept of a new generation. It set up an ambitious target to make whole India as organic and evolved with the vision ‘ORGANIC INDIA”.

Man behind the Brand

DSCIGN BIOSYS is moving on the success path under the dynamic leadership of Dr Dhananjay Naik.  He is an eminent agriculture scientist and entrepreneur, visionary, founder-director, of the company. Dr Dhananjay holds over 20 Years’ experience in Management, Research and Development, and Production experience. He got his master degree from UAS Dharwad in Agricultural Science and Doctorate from IIHR Bangalore (KU, Shimoga) with CSIR fellowship program. He has Post Doctoral visiting scientist’s fellowship from USDA, USA, awarded with Prof DJ Raski award from the nematological society of India for outstanding Ph.D. thesis in India for management of soils borne Disease complex.

Major Products and Services

  • The company’s flagship product called SOIL RECHARGE (consortia of beneficial microbes) has been a defined answer to soil health improvement from the present precarious condition of the soil on the wide-scale.
  • SOILRECHARGE and SHAKTHI GOLD granules [Humic & seas weed comb] have been proved in almost all crops. It is a great combination of biological control agents and biopesticides with humic acid have given tremendous result in paddy field with highest tillering as well as high yields.
  • In sugar cane belt [Belgaum] yielded 50% more than their regular yield-[From45 to 64 tonnes increase].

Other important products include MICROMIX (Micronutrient mixture), Gold mine (Amino acid mixture), White diamond (Essential oil based product for Dimond back moth), Helikill (Botanical extract) for larva management, War advance (For rot management in plants), etc.

DSCIGN BIOSYS is focussed on the safe management strategy of pest and diseases by using plant protection measures such as plant extracts and botanicals. Here the main thrust is on metabolites and microbial farming.

The Inspiration behind the Initiation

Biotech is an upcoming field. What we have explored so far is only the tip of the iceberg and a lot more to be known in all segments of life science. Anything that you name right from the recycling of plastic till remediation of soil is only possible through microbes and biotechnology, and this is the only option left out with us in future for all walks of the life. This fascinating science inspired Dr.Dhananjay Naik to make career in this domain.

Role of Biotech in the Enhancement of Living

Biotech plays an effective role in different industry verticals like food, agriculture, soil remediation, oil industry, waste management, medicine and therapeutics, biochips, human medicine and diagnostics and more. It mainly works for the betterment of human life, an extension of life span, quality of living, food, agriculture production, soil health, etc. 

Company’s Niche

DSCIGN BIOSYS has a close association with Indian Agriculture, soil health, farmers’ lifestyle, farmers’ lively hood and finally contribution to Indian farming in a positive way. It has innovated technology, protocols, products for several problems in farming that are faced by farmers on a daily basis. One such example is soil-borne diseases and soil salinity (soil health) which are being addressed by our premier product called soil recharge. 

Discoveries Done by the Company

“Discoveries on right time in the right segment and domain fetched us today where we are and what we are, we understood the complexity and problem of the soil,” Dr.Dhananjay Naik proclaimed.

“Our company is a pioneer in soil health improvement we create niche area and segment in soil health-improving products, and this has been leading us to be different from other players”, he added.

Opportunity for New Players in the Progressive Environment

To get business opportunities in biotech or for that matter in any segment, company needs to be different, creative, and innovative and think what people or end customer needs, and certainly there lies the opportunity. New kind of biotech business that could open up new business dimension are energy, environment, waste disposal, energy from waste, fuel from microbes, drainage treatment from biotech, conversion of seawater into potable water and to be precise in agriculture biotechnology the need of the hours is plant protection and plant nutrition through microbial metabolite and microbial modification, enzyme kinetics, fermentation technology etc.


The clientele comprises MCF fertilizers, IIHR Bangalore large holding farmers, fruit growers, planters and more. DSCIGN BIOSYS works at the field level and addresses people’s issues and give them a solution.

Feather in the Hat of DSCIGN BIOSYS and Dhananjay Naik

  • ISO 9001-2015 14001, 2015, OHSAS certifications
  • Certification of Appreciation as Young Entrepreneur
  • Professor Raski Young Scientist Award
  • Developed 45+ Product Inorganic Range
  • 10 Paper Publication in NAAS Rated Journals
  • Best Quality Product Award from Belgaum Based NGO

Future of Indian Biotech Sector

The future of Indian biotech sector in agriculture would be a big organic revolution and a severe ban on all deadly pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizer. The only way is microbial agriculture for organic farming. In the case of human medicine, it will be plant-based medicine and plant biotechnology for human ailments.

“We have made our strategy to be the number one player in microbial agriculture and want to lead the show as far as ORGANIC INDIA movement concerned. Before even other people think in that direction, we want to be the front runner in this segment”, says Dr.Dhananjay Naik.

Words of Wisdom

“Once in a lifetime, it’s better to take challenge than to be sorry”.  Biotech field is an upcoming field either in agriculture or medicine, and it is all about where we spot an opportunity and go in-depth chasing our passion. Friends, not tomorrow, start today, not today it’s now, and if not now it’s never.

    Guiding Force

  • Basaiah Hiremath– Director
  • VP Desai-Director, Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Balavantarao– Director
  • Chikkananjappa-Director
  • Sujaya– Director
  • Rajesh Hiremath-Mentor

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