Unique to the industry, UN-3 Consulting experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition

Unique to the industry,

UN-3 Consulting experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition 

UN-3 CONSULTING, a leading firm that optimizes Management Consulting services through a differentiated offering is a brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs Mr. Balasubramanian (aka Bala) and Mr. Ankur Nagar. It is a company with right blend of strategic business and marketing consultancy. Strategically located in Mumbai, the Company offers its services to their clients with a determination to help existing brands grow to the next level and help new brands succeed in the market. Solving the problems that businesses are dealing with requires a special mindset. In most of cases, smaller companies usually have limited financial resources and Un-3 Consulting understands these limitations and the sense of urgency and overall requirements of clients. With an independent, fresh perspective, sound methodology, and years of experience working with smaller companies, they take a comprehensive, strategic approach to create customized solutions. Unique to the industry, the company offers an outsourcing model wherein they come in as Consulting Partners oras Insights Partners. The people at UN-3 Consulting come from a background of market research, data analysis and consulting.

Effective Strategic Planning requires an open mind and candid exploration and evaluation of the available options. Using their proven process you’ll be able to identify opportunities that competitors have not thought of or that are not available to them. Practical, results-oriented Strategic Planning gives your company a real competitive edge.

UN-3 Consulting provides customized solutions to business issues in the area of consumer insights and branding; they take pride in the fact that they do not have any “ready, off-the-shelf models” for solving business problems.As consultants/ insight partners, they aim to accelerate business growth plans, identifying and evaluating new business opportunities (product, idea, and concept), marketing strategy development, solving pricing and distribution problems and stakeholder management.

Often hiring a consumer insights person doesn’t work out to be viable for the company. The people at UN-3 Consulting understand that, many a times, in the absence of a dedicated consumer insights person in the organization, the marketing head needs to wear multiple hats. They fit in that role wherein businesses can outsource to them the whole consumer insights function and with their regular engagement; they could guide the organization on the best possible path for business growth.

Implementing consulting solutions in various businesses is a challenge on account of various factors, which UN-3 Consulting has successfully achieved by adopting consumer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and overall requirements, the company delivers tailor-made, scalable and robust strategic business and marketing consultancy solutions. There are many other companies providing consulting services but what differentiates UN-3 Consulting from many others in the field is that it has a unique outsourcing model and best business solution after detailed analysis and understanding of issues and challenges rather than a ready-made solution.

UN-3 Consulting experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and reduces time-to-market for clients. Its transparent, efficient and flexible world classstrategic business and marketing consultancy solutions creates productive business solutions that meet present as well as future demands whilst minimizing risks.

On being asked about the business problem UN-3 Consulting hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings, Bala spoke: “We realize that most challenges faced in business success can be attributed to very simple and straightforward attributes, which is availability and salience. E-commerce is quite at some distance in solving these problems for conventional FMCG. One of our clients has excellent and innovative products in their operating space; as we mentioned earlier availability and visibility are the key challenges and the business was under pressure. We are in the process of challenging the stakeholders precisely in these areas as well as prioritizing their portfolio.”

While speaking to The CEO Magazine about Road ahead, Ankur said, “We do not want to handle more than 6-8 clients in the next 3 years. We believe that our business model is more suited to work closely with strategic decision makers. This automatically restricts the number of clients to selective few.”

“Apart from the road map, we are exploring few options of getting consumer insights using technology through digital space” Ankur asserted.

The Spirits behind the UN-3 Consulting

Balasubramanian Ramanathan (Bala) – Co-founder

Bala has over 30 years experience, largely as Marketing Research Practitioner. He has diverse experience in Market Understanding, Advertising Research, Consumer Purchase Panels, Customer Satisfaction and Category Management Research. His experience is largely in the packaged goods, financial services and automotive verticals.

Ankur Nagar – Co-founder

With an experience of more than 12 years in consumer insight, Ankur has worked for FMCG, Automotive, B2B, Finance, Telecom& Technology verticals with extensive experience in stake-holder management studies and brand tracking, apart from handling other kinds of studies across sectors.

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