Strengthening Trade Protection Measure, TPM Creates and Executes sustainable growth Strategies

Strengthening Trade Protection Measure,

TPM Creates and Executes sustainable growth Strategies

A brain child of Mr. A. K. Gupta, a well-known expert in the area of trade remedial measures in the country, TPM- Centre for Trade Remedies commenced its services about 18 years back. A Delhi based consultancy firm, TPM is engaged in providing services to the industry in the areas of Trade Defence Measures, including anti-dumping, safeguards, and subsidies/countervailing duties. Being on the top is not a very big deal, but retaining at the top consistently for a long can be critical task for any one. Here TPM has positioned itself on the top in the field for last about 18 years, having successfully represented in the largest number of trade remedial measures cases in India.

A team of experienced and qualified professionals including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, MBA and Technocrats in TPM is providing comprehensive end to end services related to issues on trade remedies for Indian Producers as well as to Foreign Producers.  TPM is providing services to the industry right from the preliminary advice to the clients; filing of petition on behalf of the clients with the concerned authorities; assisting the clients in complying with various procedural requirements of trade remedy investigations; pursue with concerned authorities for timely imposition of trade remedy measures; handling of the appeals at appellate and Apex body level; etc. The firm is assisting Indian Producers as well as Foreign Producers and Consumers wishing to protect their legitimate business interests in trade related matters. TPM has been assisting Government of India in WTO and has organized a number of workshops on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy throughout the country.

TPM stands distinctively for its exemplary single point service in the related field and it is evident from the number of cases successfully handled by TPM over a period of more than one and half decade. TPM’s wide range of services includes assistance to the;

  1. Domestic manufacturers seeking imposition of antidumping, countervailing and safeguard duties against imports of the like products produced by them in India, and in protecting their interests against their exports to other world markets;
  2. Producers outside India seeking imposition of duty on imports of their product into their country;
  3. Exporters and producers facing anti-dumping, anti-subsidy or safeguard investigations by various global authorities; and
  4. Importers in India seeking protection of their interests in the investigations being conducted in India

Other than trade remedial measures, TPM has expertise in assisting industries in finding business solutions to the competition being faced from foreign producers under various domestic and international policies/ agreements.


  • In 1999 TPM became the first consultancy firm to start providing services, exclusively in the area of trade defense instruments.
  • TPM has handled more than 700 trade defense investigations since 1999, which is perhaps globally highest number in the field of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures.
  • TPM has successfully assisted Indian Producers facing anti-dumping or anti-subsidy cases by other countries against exports from India as well as Foreign Producers facing anti-dumping cases in India.
  • Given TPM’s expertise in the area, TPM has been able to make its presence as a notable expert in the field in the country among industry and Govt.
  • TPM has actively provided assistance to of India on issues concerning (a) framing/amending the law, (b) WTO consultations on rules amendments, (c) disputes raised by other countries in respect of anti-dumping measures invoked by Govt. of India, (d) anti subsidy investigations by other countries (TPM is representing Govt. of India in these investigations before the Investigating Authority).
  • TPM represented the domestic industries in the two anti subsidy investigations conducted by India (which were the only two anti subsidy investigations conducted so far by the country).
  • TPM has represented an Egyptian industry seeking imposition of ADD in Egypt on dumping of its product from USA.
  • TPM has authored a book titled “A handbook on Trade Remedial Measures – An Indian Perspective” published by Lexis Nexis.

On being asked about the business problem which TPM hopes to solve with its solutions, Mr. A. K. Gupta says, “TPM is an end to end service provider and does complete hand holding of the industry from the stage of preliminary advice, guiding industry on compilation of data/information in the requisite manner, assisting in the preparation of the entire case of the domestic industry, filing petition on behalf of the domestic industries before the authorities, and thereafter complete handling of the case at all the levels of investigation to the stage of supporting the case in up-holding the industry’s right up to the Apex Court in the Country, wherever required. TPM has won the confidence of the industry, which has given an edge to TPM over its competitors in the field in providing comprehensive service to the clients.

By looking at the current scenario, Mr. Gupta asserts, “Though still a lot is to be done in this field, a lot has already been done. Now the scenario has completely changed, as these measures have become fairly well known to the industry throughout the Country and in all size of industries. The current interaction with the industry clearly shows that the industry is by now well aware of availability of these trade remedial measures to them”.

The way investigations are now handled by TPM has significantly changed with the changing scenario. Client satisfaction is of prime importance, and therefore new working standards are always a part of TPM’s innovation path.

TPM intends to increase its presence in major countries undertaking trade defense actions, including, but not limited to USA, Europe and China. TPM has been assisting Indian industries facing investigations in Brazil, China, Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, South Korea, GCC, South Africa, and USA.

About the inspiration behind TPM – Mr. A. K. Gupta

A K Gupta, Founderof TPM is a well-known expert in the area of trade remedial measures in the country. Mr. Gupta is Masters in Management Studies (MMS) from BITS, Pilani and a member of Institute of Cost Accountants of India (formerly known as Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India). He served Govt. of India for more than seven years. During this period, he largely served as Assistant Director handling antidumping cases in Anti-Dumping Division (the present Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties), Ministry of Commerce. After quitting the Govt. services in 1999, he started practicing in this field under the name ‘TPM Consultants’.

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