Sarvagya Mishra & Ankit Ruia: introducing innovations in the consulting industry since inception

Sarvagya Mishra & Ankit Ruia: introducing innovations in the consulting industry since inception

The story of Indian consulting began in the year 1990 when C. K. Birla requested McKinsey to devise a turnaround project for Hindustan Motors. Soon, McKinsey built an office in Delhi and hired 100 consultants. Over the years, the Indian consulting industry started growing, in terms of size and service offerings. In this period, the consulting industry has witnessed a considerable expansion in the number of newcomers in this field exploring diverse verticals. Present-day, India has over 10,000 big and small consulting firms, 6,000 of them in the four metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Pinnacleworks is a prominent name in the consulting industry. It has been initiated by two buddies Sarvagya Mishra and Ankit Ruia in the year 2012 with the vision to increase the Pace of Technology Adoption in various Industries around the globe. Presently, it aims to revolutionize different sectors through its consulting and customized solutions. The company has witnessed a growing graph in its 5+ years of Journey and is still dedicated to delivering the New and Best to the Industry in terms of its Services and Solutions which aims at meeting different Business Requirements.

The brilliant minds behind the innovator



Sarvagya Mishra believes that leadership is not a position but a responsibility, and with this thought, he is heading Pinnacleworks as the Co-founder and leaving no stone unturned to serve the industry. Sarvagya holds years of experience and worked with various start-up’s and big MNC like Ericsson as a Software Engineer. His skill set includes Digital Marketing and backend technologies like Perl, PHP, C++, and Python. In academics, Sarvagya did Computer Science engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education in the year 2010. With a blend of skills, expertise, qualifications, and dedication Sarvagya has paved a path to success for the organization.



Ankit Ruia is the Co-founder of Pinnaceleworks and leading the company towards a brighter day. His expertise in IT has led PinnacleWorks to launch numerous custom products, which cater to the needs of diverse industries. Being the Tech Guy he has always been the problem solver and comes up with out of the box ideas. He pursued his career with Big MNCs and has been instrumental in designing and implementing scalable technology platforms from ground-up. In the last 10 years, he has worked in different domains including Real estate, F&B, e-Commerce/Retail, and Education, for building robust solutions to fulfill their business requirements. He is an alumnus of JSS Academy of Technical Education and holds a degree.

The inspiration behind the initiation of Pinnacleworks

In India, businesses are not completely open to adapt technologies to meet their business requirements. That is why; the technology adaptation or involvement rate is at a very slow pace. The level at which technology should be adapted and integrated with the industries is lacking and needs to be upgraded in accordance with the advancements in technology. PinnacleWorks was established to revolutionize the IT Industry and keep them always evolving.

The solutions offered and the area of expertise

Currently, the company is divided into 2 vertical, Services and Products. The services segment consists of IT consulting, Cloud consulting, IT solutions development and Marketing services.

 At the same time, Pinnacleworks has 3 solutions to offer:

  • SuperBot – an AI-Powered Conversation Bot; it smartly attends to all the queries of the online visitors in a highly efficient manner
  • Pinnacle Vision – AI based image and video analysis tool
  • Queuelive – Centralised Queue Management system. 

Unparalleled Qualities

Attention to every detail and minute element to the problem and its solution is one of the things that the team has been appreciated for many times. Also, it follows an ideology of “Always Evolving” very strongly; it keeps the company updated to the industry and technologies. Thus, Pinnacleworks always has an edge over its peers. Technology and Innovative solutions have always been their forte. In college, both the Co-Founders were freelancing, working with startups and participating in various National level contests to gain experiences that help them in this Entrepreneurial endeavour.

Step to stay with modern trends

Sarvagya and Ankit both have been serial entrepreneurs and very much connected to the ground and real-world problems. It helps them to identify everyday problems and drive IT solutions for companies. They stay updated with the recent trends in the IT sector and bring advanced solutions. In fact, the company keeps on transforming its existing products with the new cutting-edge technologies to make sure they are on par with new products in the market.

Relationship with clients 

Pinnacleworks strictly follows the ideology of continuous and transparent communication with clients. Every individual starting from the sales team to the accounts management team to the higher management are in continuous touch with their respective counterparts to ensure that the client is always updated to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Team and work culture

Teamwork makes the dream work! Pinnacleworks is the team of 25-30 expert professionals, who go in all ways to make clients satisfied. It is because of the dedication of the team that the company is touching the sky of success in just a few years.

Pinnacleworks is very selective in hiring for any role. It looks for people, who have the intent to achieve something in life and ability to learn the required skillset. It makes the company a niche set of like-minded individuals, who support and motivate each other forevermore.

 Milestones and Accolades

Pinnacleworks has been in existence since 2012 and maintained an average steady revenue growth of 1.5X every year. Every year the company is adding products to its portfolio thereby attracting more and more clients. SuperBot is one of its important innovations. It was launched last year in February in the education vertical and is currently serving 50+ colleges or university. The number is expected to reach 100+ by the end of this financial year. Additionally, SuperBot will also be making its presence in the Healthcare segment in a couple of months which will open a very big segment for the company.

Walking towards a glittering future

The future plan is divided into two parts – short term and long term. The short term plan is to bring an optimized structure in the organization as the team strength is enhancing every day. It will help the team to function smoothly since the company is running on a very fast track. In the long term, Pinnacleworks InfoTech has already started sales and operations to a specific international market and would be expanding globally.

Words of Wisdom

It needs a blend of experience, talent, and enthusiasm in a balanced way to make a successful business venture in this domain.


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