Npedia Technologies: Transforming businesses to create and be the next

Npedia Technologies: Transforming businesses to create and be the next

While digital technology pervades daily life in many countries, it is not technology that is the driver behind the need for an organization to digitally transform. The driver is people – customers and employees, and what they expect from companies. The more people embrace technical resources, the greater their expectation that every company they work for or buy products and services from, will also embrace it.  In the last decade, people have embraced and demanded new technology faster than ever before. It’s this environment that is forcing organizations to rapidly transform.

Running a business was never a piece of cake, but the technological growth has created an endless list on the road to get the results and successful companies to strive for. The established ways of working may no longer deliver the same results. As the impetus for change increases, caused by falling revenues and other negative pressures, the leadership of the organization needs to formulate a strategic response. This is when consultants support companies to stay ahead of the changes. They provide businesses the ability to grow, rather than simply attempting to maintain the status quo; they get businesses on track and supports them to stay afloat in business strategies, methodologies, and trends. Consultants are industry experts, they focus on technology and digital, continue to partner with leading companies to arrive at solutions in digital transformation and software development. Their technical frameworks help the leaders steer the organization back onto a path that propels the business forward.

Technology is complicated as it includes all aspects of a business and changes dramatically in every few years. Working with a solid IT consulting ‘as-a-service’ company like, Npedia Technologies reduces the burden while keeping active with the changing ways of doing business. We are a renowned technology business transformation company; its primary focus is on providing value services for technology and digital transformational journey. Npedia Technologies develops strategies for growth and offer creative solutions through out-of-the-box thinking. The key strengths of the company are the deep technical experience and strong domain knowledge of their people. The technology strengths of the company are derived from people who had worked in esteemed fortune 500 companies, and domain skills include Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Media.

A look on the Offerings

Npedia Technologies’ focus is to provide Virtual CxO consulting as a service, combined with business digital transformations which are often not needed on a permanent basis, to start-ups, technology growth companies and non-technology business companies, augmenting to their new digital journey. We work across domains, and have developed solutions for a wide variety of industries such as Insurance, Education, HealthCare & Life Sciences, Retail and Media Industry domains.

The company provides ML and AI driven strategies to facilitate digital transformations by understanding the Machine Translation technologies. Npedia uses natural language processing to create a seamless and interactive interface between humans and machines that are a top priority in increasingly cognitive applications. Through leadership, innovative thinking, early adoption techniques, new business models like “gig hub for enterprise” and incorporating digitization, Npedia helps in building a better and wider decision-making authority. Machine learning (ML) usage in healthcare and life science is a major focus area.

Differentiating Factors

Npedia Technologies believes in technology transforming lives and companies. The company have always been ahead on the technology product or solution offerings even a decade ago. Npedia’s services have been a forerunner in the Gartner maturity cycles and have always had a connect with the maturity models which differentiates Npedia from the competition. Npedia’s CTO as a service model combined with their solutions, is a new offering which has been well received in the market and has been a unique offering which helps them differentiate from their competitors.

Revenue Model

As a service, Gold, Silver or Platinum plans, pay by the hour for total engagement hours for the month or quarter. Npedia works with an initial contract for 3 months, and mutually extend the same based on discussions with all their customers.


About 10 active customers for as-a-service models. Total customers have been more than 50 over the last decade across various other product and solution offerings.

The business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings

Npedia Technologies provide Business Digital transformative solutions to their customers. Technology has become the front-runner for all types of businesses today, and so it is a core component for most organizations. Npedia’s CXO service roles helps non-technology driven organizations, to embrace and adopt them, and be transformational in their future. Today technology is embedded in all our day-to-day lives, that the sooner we embrace it gracefully, the better our lives is likely to be.

Awards & Recognitions

Dec 2017 – CIO Review – 20 most promising Digital Transformation companies in India 2017

Apr 2018 – Insight Success – 30 most admired leaders to watch in 2018

Nov 2018 – CIO Review – shortlisted again for 20 best Digital Transformation companies 2018

Dec 2018 – Silicon India – 10 most promising IT Consultant companies

Future Plans

Provide service offerings as-a-service in the areas of AI and ML for companies. As speech-understanding technology and voice-input applications improve, the need for NLP is increasing steadily. Question-Answering (QA) is becoming vital for successful customer traction with applications such as OK Google, Amazon Alexa, chat boxes and virtual assistants. NLP based Voice integration of Npedia – is pushing the application delivery to Zero Graphical UI, thereby closing the digital gap.

Brains behind the success

Vijay Vaidyanathan

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur with over 27+ years of worldwide experience with product & services companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Yahoo!, eBay, PwC, Cognizant, founded and exited two product start-ups with diverse technology and business expertise. At Npedia Technologies, Vijay guides companies on their digital transformational journey by providing CxO services and business digital solutions. The mission is to equip companies with the appropriate technological vision, radar and tools as they make key technological, operational and strategic decisions.

Some of Vijay’s key achievements include

  • Provided CTO as a service for a web product start-up developing an app similar to WhatsApp for businesses with workflow and security
  • Provided CIO as a service for an Investment Brokerage and Wealth advisory company and helped them address key issues concerning technology guidance, data security and infrastructure planning.
  • Provided CTO and CIO services for a FinTech PaaS company, architecting their new version 2.0 of their platform.

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