“We hope to bring more innovative solutions to address the ever-changing demands and needs of clients, which can help in changing lives”

HiringHutSolutions Pvt. Ltd

The recruitment industry has witnessed the ripples of change in the last few years in comparison to the relatively static and monotonous process after the advent of new and proactive companies’ hoverboarding the growth to an enhanced dimension.

Innovating ideas and going beyond the conventional lines of hiring, challenging the exiting practices is one such brand, HiringHut Solutions Pvt. Ltd, who’s meticulously meeting the customized demands of the clients. Offering staffing solution to clients on a variety of model options to choose from, the firm is an initiative of Syed Kamran, Managing Director who laid the foundation of a boutique recruitment firm with a passion to bring in a positive effect on the recruitment industry.


Syed Kamran comes with a background of recruiting for Software Product and Large scale organizations for more than a decade in Industry. His expertise is in finding solutions for recruitment challenges in industries ranging from IT, Manufacturing, Automobile, Media and BFSI. Before HiringHut he was associated with PeopleLogic for around 8+ Years and also was associated with Vega Intellisoft as Head of Operations managing the entire Recruitment operations for Vega in Chennai.

HiringHut offers the finest corporate and consulting recruitment experience and are specialized in sourcing, assessing and placing high-end talent that fits our client’s talent demand and culture. In an enlightening conversation with Vani Rastogi, Vice President of the company, The CEO Magazine gained the access to the story behind the venture, their plans ahead, the corporate ethos and a lot more;

The CEO Magazine:Do you believe yourself to be the “Consultant of The Year” and why?

Vani:Yes we do believe in it because we don’t just work for the outcome, we tend to understand the need of both the parties and guide them on their mutual success. We serve in the recruitment industry to ensure the right fitment for the job. The industry we are in is taxing and requires consistent updating on the trends, current and future skills which is the challenge we love to solve in our day to day operations. We currently hold a strong background in solving Real-Time Challenges in recruitment in across sectors we serve

The CEO Magazine:When did the idea of being a consultant coin in your head?

Summi:Being a consultant is not a job but a passion we bring to the table, the passion to serve clients and candidates,the idea to find appropriate fitments coined in our head at the very early stage of our career. This idea has been with us for over a past few years and we significantly each time put ourselves in the opposite parties shoes and then start finding a solution.

The CEO Magazine:Where is the demand for consulting services going in India and how do you decide the nature of the right target audience?

Vani:Demand for consulting has always been there in India, but now the bar of expectation has risen;now clients require consultants who would be interested in guiding them to prepare for future. Understanding Right target audience means to know how to decode the current needs and future expectations of clients. The best marketing strategy we believe in is the word of mouth which comes from the success we achieve in bringing our knowledge and efforts in every transaction. As an entrepreneur, we would say you should be ready to face the roller coaster every day and be able to put yourself to enjoy this.

The CEO Magazine:Do you feel the influence of technology association has amplified over the years?

Vani:Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world. Technology has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many multi-functional devices like the smart watch and the smartphones. With all these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, betterand more fun.

The CEO Magazine:What do you feel about the transformation of the industry?

Summi:From a recruitment perspective, clunky legacy systems and old ways of working are a turn off for young talent looking to start their career. We’re competing against industries like tech and finance – so we need to offer an updated, more modern approach which young people can work with. Digital applications are the driving force behind the digital transformation of the recruitment industry

The CEO Magazine:In a competitive market, what hurdles did you have to battle?

Vani:Human Resource is a very dynamic and vast industry, hence it has hurdles to be dealt with in every action we do each day, below are few categorize we can put down at a broader level;

  • Talent Shortage
  • Getting employers to accelerate pay increase
  • High crunch rates

Beyond the perennial talent shortage, —73 percent say it’s a top challenge—staffing leaders struggle with unsustainable churn rates and how to persuade employers to increase candidate pay rates. Embracing digital transformation is the top operational challenge for global staffing professionals (49 percent), but 80 percent of respondents are likely to see the digital transformation of the industry as an opportunity. Pricing pressure, this came in just behind at 44 percent, ranks as the top operational challenge

The CEO Magazine:How do you chalk out a business model for a successful name?

Vani and Summi:We believe in below 3 steps to chalk our business model;

  • Go Deep on the Linkage Between ‘Customer Segments’ and ‘Value Propositions’
  • Storyboard the Customer Journey(s) to Think Through ‘Customer Relationships’ and ‘Channels’
  • Define a Business Type Before You Go After the ‘Infrastructure’

The CEO Magazine:In the next five years, do you believe you would have achieved the status it was seeking?

Vani:Confidently yes, because we believe in enjoying the journey than being just focused on the destination. This gives us strength and ability to welcome any challenges that come in our way. We have been awarded “TOP 20 Most Promising HR Tech Start-up for the year 2019” as we successfully acquired the status of being the best because of our ability to decode the client challenges and passion to customize solutions for them. We are looking forward to launching our AI-based HR software soon which helps in integrating all the functions of HR to be a one-stop solution for all HR needs.


Vani Rastogi, Vice President, HiringHut Solutions also owns Contract Staffing Business. She is an accomplished professional in Recruiting for C2H roles. She comes with a good track record in identifying senior talent for sectors such as software, healthcare, media, and eLearning. Her areas of strength have been in successfully concluding senior searches and senior management assignments for key business functions including, software, sales & marketing, operations, supply chain, human resources, and finance.

Summi Singh, Vice President, HiringHut Solutions owns Perm Staffing Business. She comes with a drive to identify new initiatives to solve the traditional way of recruiting. Her vast knowledge is refined in recruiting for niche and senior positions for Niche Software Product companies

“Our passion is to strive for unmatchable service to all our partners (Clients and Candidates)”

Vani Rastogi

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