Suhas Dutta & Govindraj Kozhipurath: partnered to empower businesses with credible solutions

Suhas Dutta & Govindraj Kozhipurath: partnered to empower businesses with credible solutions

Business consulting plays a pre-eminent role in supporting companies to adopt result-oriented business strategies. Whether the focus is on strategy, operations, finance, People, or IT, business consultants have become a necessity in corporate life. They have become enablers for firms, to transform their capabilities, align and be ready for future opportunities, and envision, validate, and execute new plans and changes to operations. Currently, over 700,000 consulting firms provide services across all aspects of the business on the global level. From defining the strategic direction to simply serving as an extra pair of hands for important tasks, consultants have become inextricably linked to the success of all brands.

3nayan is a small group of strategy and transformation experts; it was founded in 2004 by Suhas Dutta and Govindraj Kozhipurath with the mission to help organizations be business and people proficient. They were inspired by their experiences with inefficiencies and struggles of companies in different verticals and established 3nayan to solve their problems.

As established niche experts, 3nayan helps with Growth Sustenance, Organizational Effectiveness, and Transformation; providing advisory and consulting services. Often Robotic Process Automation and Digital Transformation play a major part in their work. Today, 3nayan is a respected brand and supports organization for desired outcomes.

Suhas Dutta is a strategy and tech consulting person; his area of expertise includes Retail & Consumer Products, Health & Life Sciences. Govindraj Kozhipurath is a strong tech delivery person with a passion for people matters; he is an expert in mentoring Delivery, Quality, HR, Operations, and Business Development, etc.  Suhas and Govindraj, both were partners in Accenture. They happened to exit the company in the same year and founded their successful individual startups. Govindraj’s organization was focused on talent transformation, and Suhas’ was a niche retail e-commerce play. Post those stints, at alumni get together, they discussed the potential of joining hands, and 3nayan came into existence.

3nayan: Helping organisations become business and people proficient

3nayan provides services around Strategic advisory, Transformation, and Execution towards Growth Sustenance, Organizational Effectiveness, and Transformation. In a very contemporary scenario, these often touch or involve Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, and Talent Management.

3nayan helps companies be effective and/or transform them for a newer growth trajectory.

In other cases, 3nayan shores up organizations, varying in size and come out of a downward spiral; help solve operational problems, strategize towards a transformation and/or helps optimize their operations.

Transformations could be in a key business process, a business area or even the entire organization.

Differentiating Factors

When it comes to the consulting industry, there are numerous organizations, of different shapes, sizes, and operating with different price points in India. From a servicing point of view, besides the big four-five, there are many others which provide the same services. 3nayan has competed against the big ones and others too. 3nayan’s price points are market competitive but not low, and they spend little time and effort in price negotiations with its clients. Yet, each time it managed to win in the face of competition because of the value that it provides at its price point. The 3nayan team believes that the value realization that it enables vs. its reasonable price point makes the company a compelling choice.

Additional unique points

  • 3nayan offers not just strategy advisory, but also helps clients in executing the advice and in transformation.
  • The team always engage people with more than ten years of related experience, and never deploys greenhorns who learn on the job.
  • And, it works with only one client engagement at a time to ensure complete focus on that one client. 

Current Business Model

3nayan is a niche operation and isn’t just revenue motivated. As a matter of principle, they ensure that one of the partners is on every piece of work that they are engaged in, regardless of the size of the engagement and the size of the team. They focus on only one engagement at a time, and the team is, metaphorically speaking, usually grey-haired.

They have access to a larger network of senior professionals in varying domains, whom they call in as per the need. Similarly, they also have relationships with a large number of other provider partners that they associate as per their client needs, to help provide ancillary services.

The team prefers to work in fixed-price arrangements, but believe in doing the right thing for the client, regardless of whether it was contracted for or not.

Also, the company believes that the success of its engagements is possible only if there is sufficient and intense involvement from the customer’s teams and people.

The clientele and building of a client culture

The company has clients from different sectors including health, life sciences, insurance, software products, and services, etc. It works from startups and mid-size companies to billion dollar plus companies.

3nayan considers its services to be horizontal in nature and doesn’t assume that it will ever have contextual subject matter knowledge surpassing that of the client. They ensure the participation of the client organization in its team. This helps in projects, and organizational change management; it helps the company build a strong and enduring relationship with its stakeholders. 

Milestones and Recognition

3nayan has been applauded by different bodies, but what really means the world to the team are the pats on the back by its customers and the relationships that it carries. There are instances of former customers, at the opportune moment have partnered with them in their new ventures or have brought the company to give them a hand in their new places of employment.

Word to the Wise

  • Keep your team lean, until you have settled onto a solution/service offering, is running stable, and you are unable to take on new assignments.
  • In a partnership firm, ensure that everyone is aligned to the same goal.
  • Make a clear sales strategy and deploy multiple channels. Be ultra-active on social media and do not expect immediate gains.

Favourite Quote

The first is Alvin Toffler’s, which goes “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.”

The second one is “In reality strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” That is Jack Welch

The third one is Peter Drucker’s “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

The team believes that it is important to have a strategy and revisit it with data. But, the strategy will not succeed without rigorous implementation or without laying enough stress on the organization’s culture.

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