Alok Kumar Savita: catering perfection to the recruitment needs of India

Alok Kumar Savita: catering perfection to the recruitment needs of India

One of the direct impacts of a changing business ecosystem on companies has been on their talent demands. Rapid shifts brought in by technology and evolving market conditions have meant that companies have to often chart their talent demands beforehand and work proactively to stay ahead of the curve. This has meant that staffing firms have a larger role to play. But that is not the only reason why the staffing industry is slowly becoming an important partner in helping organizations meet their talent demands.

Established in 2006, Executives Network is a prominent HR Solutions company which is managed by a team of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines. Their expertise lies in providing solutions for Placement Consultancy, Manpower Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Mass Hiring, Staffing Solution and Work at Home opportunities in India and abroad. Based out of Lucknow, India, the company caters to the needs of a diverse clientele by providing the best executive search services to bring the necessary talent required by the companies and help them in focusing on core business activities and attaining the organizational goals. Executives network has managed to race ahead of competition by adopting a distinct working methodology, which results in fast turnaround time to deal with the toughest talent acquisitions.

Our editorial team had a conversation with Alok Kumar Savita, the Director, HR Consultant and Corporate Trainer of Executives Network about his professional journey, his company and life in general. Here are the edited excerpts.

Provide an overview of your personal and professional journey.          

I am a HR professional from LUMAB, it was equivalent to IIM at that time. Most of my classmates are VP, AVP and HR of various national and international MNCs of India and Abroad.  I am an accidental entrepreneur, I never expected that I would be in this field. I was placed in TCS as HR in campus recruitment, but due to looking after my alone and sick mother, I left the offer. I had nothing to do in Lucknow so one of my friends shared with me the concept of the recruitment industry and I started to provide staffing to the IT Industry, thereafter I got a lot of projects of life insurance companies.

What inspired you to initiate your career in an entrepreneurial path and establish this firm?

My first priority was to look after my parents and then career, so this was the only option where I can look after both, my parents as well as my career. This inspired me to take an entrepreneurial path and establish this firm.

What problem does your company resolve and how it is different from others in the Consulting Industry?

I am a big fan of Mahatama Gandhi,a very successful and the biggest ideal for the nation who teaches us to live with freedom, dignity, to promote the concept of Live and Let Live & simplicity.  I teach to the people to make the business strategy with the article 51A on moral duties defined in the Indian Law, which addresses us to do business to promote employment, harmony, humanity, and brotherhood, maintain the rich Indian heritage of our composite culture & women empowerment and continuous R&D to make the system more effective and productive.  My passion is not to leave the basic fundamental ideas at any cost, like to follow article 51 A (Moral Duties), to follow the “Good Faith and Fare Practice” rule of Contract Law which gives the message that both the parties should have deep faith in each other and should do fare practice in their joint business operation.  The Honourable Supreme Court have given strict Guide lines that every institution should give repeated training to their employee at least once in a week for these two fundament rules – Article 51 A and Good Faith and fare practice rule of Contract Law.

Where do you see the future of this business with the modern trends like Artificial Intelligence and electronic gadgets?

Artificial Intelligence and electronic gadgets are prepared and maintained by humans only, and we deal in HRM & HRD so it has a scope forever.

What is your current business model?

We are a talent search firm for corporates. A lot of corporates are taking interest in our services. Our plan is to achieve the turnover of 100 Cr in next five years.

Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

We already discussed that we are working majorly for life insurance, focusing more in bancassurance and also working for IT software, FMCG and MNCs. We have a very long relation with our clients who really understand our big vision.

Throw some light on your team and area of expansion.

My team is like my family, we believe only in “add on” hiring and less in “replacement hiring”.

What do you like to do when you are not involved in your business operation?

Give time to family. Also search a lot on Google to find out solutions to business related problems as well as social problems. Share best training and motivational videos with people to make them successful in their respective jobs as well as in personal life.

Could you walk us through your daily routine? 

It’s a normal routine. I give priority to health and family along with my career. I give more time to reading and social welfare activities

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

I never failed, just born to lead and be successful.

What are the milestones and awards earned by your company?

We got best 5000 MSME Award and 20 Most promising BFSI Consultant by Silicon India Business Magazine.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Do what you are doing and try to be best there only. Do not try in other fields.

Kindly share your favourite quote that motivates you.

5 H Formula – Always be Happy, Healthy, Humble, Honest & High Thinking, article 51 A (Moral Duties define in India Law), and “Good Faith & Fare practice” rule of Contract Law.

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