In the worldwide education industry, India holds a strong ground today. Being a witness to one of the oldest and now advanced education systems, India holds tons of potential yet undiscovered.

This $100 billion industry has marked a significant development over the years in terms of the advancement of educational methods. We are presently living in a scenario where approximately a quarter of the population in India has hit the age to go school or pursue higher education and the quality that’s made available would largely decide if this vast demographic situation would prove to be a boon or a bane.

The economic growth momentum can very well be maintained by enabling the key components like skills, knowledge, and expertise, more so in a scenario where disruptions are constant due to transforming technology, investment ratio, competition, and a vast number of options. This rapid transformation in a way has proven to be a good factor in preparing the foundation of the child’s overall growth and in giving equal importance to all parts of education from an early stage.

The educational ecosystem in India at present has massively transformed from what it was in the early years or even a decade ago. Here are a few highlights that have played an important role in the change;

  • Technology: this aspect of the education sector changed the face of education in India. Today we live in an era where kids from the stage of their infancy perfectly know how to operate iPods, gadgets, game boxes, tablets, Smartphones, laptops, etc. And this happened only because evolution took up the charge and the kids started to pick up the changes smoothly. Then there is the internet that also plays an important role in introducing a brand new way of learning things, clearing doubts, connecting with your teachers and more. Like that say ‘it’s a small world’, the internet has just made it even smaller.
  • A plethora of options: today several subjects can be explored, the fields have been stretched to new dimensions, giving more options to pick from, unlike the early years when their options were limited and interest came secondary. One no more has to dependent on grilling themselves over a limited number of subjects and the fight to ace it. Now the difference in interest is appreciated, there are all kinds of courses and degrees available for different skill sets, success is no more dependent on mugging up limited content but on working hard with dedication towards what one knows best. If a child is successful in identifying what their talent is, the current educational ecosystem offers plenty of opportunities with open arms to bring fineness to it.
  • Financial Investment: from where it all started decades ago, the investment today done in education has multiplied on many levels. Regardless of what it is, a college, a private institute or school, or a government school, investments are being made in large amounts to secure the future of the children today. Moreover today, parents believe in investing in education to ensure a quality life for their kids in the coming years, it’s only fair to say that over the years people have gradually understood the value of education in different ways.
  • International schools: a significant change has come in the sector of education since there has been an introduction to international schools in the scenario of the education ecosystem. This has not just helped the kids get prepared for international platforms but at the same time, it has also raised the bars of the Indian education system. Once a child has enrolled in an international school structure it adds to their exposure and boosts their confidence to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other kids on international platforms.

The ecosystem of Indian education has seen many uphill and downhill situations, but having said that, it has also been successful in bringing out some of the best minds present today. These minds are not just turning the world around by their intelligence and knowledge, but also are raising their country’s flag across the globe. The ecosystem today may not have reached its paramount point but has evolved immensely and only gotten better with time.

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