Book Review- Rich dad poor dad

Book Review- Rich dad poor dad

Rich dad poor dad is one of the most popular self-help books ever written. It was written by Robert Kiyosaki a well-renowned investor, to let the world know how they can gain finical knowledge and live a life without worrying about money. This book is best for beginners who want to attain finical freedom.

About this book

Subtitles of this book quote “What the rich teach their children about money and poor doesn’t”. The books offer the same. The author simple steps to become rich with the help of 6 simple and easy to understand chapters.

In this, the author is telling his story when he was young. He refers that he had two fathers, his father and the father of his friend. His father was a teacher and had a Ph.D. but he was finically struggling and his friend’s father who was not good at studies and got drop out of school but he was a rich man. He referred to his father as “poor dad” and his friend’s father as “rich dad’

This story is all about what his “rich dad” taught him about money that how he can achieve finical freedom by building passive income instead of doing a regular 9 to 5 job.

This book will change your perspective about money and how to earn it. It will challenge your beliefs and understanding about money and will tell you why some people become rich and some remain poor all their life.

The author also challenges, the education system as they are teaching us in the same old way and how the school system is developing an employee mindset instead of a business mindset.

Positives about this book

This book is fairly easy to read and the way the author tells his story is very insightful.  The author’s story teaches us many things about money including how to handle it with.

The concepts are very easy to understand, the author has told the most complex things about money with so much ease and simplicity that even a 10-year-old child can understand it.

Details about money are incredible, it can instantly change how one perceives money.

Missing in this book

Despite having so much insightful stories and concept about money, one thing which is missing from this book is what practical steps which one should take. Well, the author discussed that in the last chapters but that is not enough to understand.

Who should read this?

A person who wants to become rich and wants to think like rich people should read this book. People who want to change their view on money, education and the world should also read this book.

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