2020 and COVID-19, gave businesses, economies and individuals, nothing but unexpected and unwanted surprises. While the year is now almost over and it is the digital market for which businesses survived. having mentioned that, there is still a month of December 2020 to assist good figures in the last quarter of 2020. Hence, we present to you, the top marketing hacks for the festive/wedding season of 2020.

Yes, top marketing hacks that you can check on your list or incorporate in your short term marketing strategy for the upcoming weeks and months.


Those who are still standing strong as a fierce combatant, it is impossible to have not turned to the digital world to support your brand or company in 2020. Well, investing in social media is indeed a necessary and not a choice anymore especially to reach those who haven’t left their houses yet to get the economy back on track.

Top Social Media Marketing Tips For Festive Season 2020

– Be Festive Themed

– Make Good Competitor Analysis

– Use click-through links to Website

– Choose A Favourable Social Media Platform (Example: Instagram for Fashion, Linkedin for B2B services)


It is indeed not a time to procrastinate especially when you are crafting the holiday marketing strategy. So, make it fast and make it relatable. 2020 is different. It is essential to get into the minds of the target audience, which is of course filed with the idea of “How to celebrate the festive season this year?” You have the social distancing, social media, and health-conscious concepts that you can brainstorm and expand into a mainstream marketing campaign.


It is 2020, people may shy away from buying because of the obvious reduction in money inflow, yet, they might be still attracted to the idea of buying gifts or something for themselves. This cliche idea will act as a great 2020 sales improvement hack. Well, they deserve some appreciation to through this horrible year and some shopping therapy isn’t bad.

So, like other years, festive offers and discounts will be a part of your marketing strategy, given, they always excite people and encourage them to shop more not just as gifts but also for themselves. Free rewards is also a proved successful marketing strategy to use in 2020.


Once again, marry your brand with the digital world by allowing your potential customers, have a look at what they are getting discounts and offers on through a webroom, which is literally the online version of a showroom. While no one is expected to be showrooming, webroom allows shoppers to explore a product at every angle, providing them with the complete in-person showroom experience online.

Was Webroom on your Marketing Strategies for 2020?


What is Seasonal SEO? Search Engine Optimization, as it highlights is a successful hack to skyrocket your online marketing growth. In seasonal SEO, you are expanding your usually niche based keywords by doing proper research of the specific festival-related keywords.

This research will allow you to form a better marketing campaign based on the demands of the consumers. During the festive season to attract shoppers, it is key to engineer your SEO to rank well for the festive-themed queries to help the website to rank high ultimately encouraging sales.


Likes, share, comment, all these forms of engagement is how you work with the algorithm of the social media platforms. Be it discussions in your comment section or answers of a contest, you will be trending with the right keywords and the right questions at the right time.

While the contest is the best way to promote sales and get engagement as it bridges the gap between a brand and its customers and allows them directly. Contest synonymous to winning is a positive promotion strategy for marketing in 2020.

Giving away hampers or prizes to the winners will also help hook the audiences to your brand and will also help in word of mouth publicity.


How to acter to the audience so that they choose you over everyone else, well, your CE, customer experience has to be the best. And how does one do that? Well, this joyful time of the year is a stressful time especially when it comes to gift shopping. So, you know now that the problem is that ‘there could a problem and alleviation in the stress levels’.

You can avoid the uncomfortable space by offering simple holiday recipes to make cooking for the holidays even easier. Or use promotional content that provides helpful information to customers, but it would also motivate them to purchase from your brand.


It is a duty to diligently focus on producing content that relates to the products or services, as well as consumer needs. One cannot ignore the customer part. So, every time you develop a piece of content for the holiday season, ask how it will benefit and help your shoppers.

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