Latest Technology in Magazine Industry

Latest Technology in Magazine Industry

The magazine publishing industry continues to evolve at a rate some find it almost impossible to keep up with and technology has completely transformed the landscape. Many innovative magazine publishers are focusing on a variety of ways to monetize their businesses and earn revenue beyond the traditional advertising model. But the contemporary market is very competitive to stay in the market it is equally important to build the right technology stack to keep your organization lean and efficient.

For your support, we are presenting here the list of best technologies in magazines industry that are revolutionizing the industry.

Mobile Devices

When it comes to the changing patterns of readers, mobile devices play a key role in digital publishing. People are switching from physical magazine to digital magazine on their mobile phone. Data says that more magazine and newspaper app was downloaded and access rates increased by 144% in the same period. Publishers, who are focusing on this source of steady customers, are more likely to grow in the market.

Social Media

The contemporary market is all about connectivity. Present-day, vast reader group and revenue generator are active in social media. Publishers who want to reach out of them as a magazine publisher, social media presence is compulsory. Create an account on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. These sites offer real-time engagement that is best bets as magazine publishers.


The invention of e-books is like a golden opportunity for the publishers to revitalize. The E-book is still in its growth phase and thus can revive the publishing industry. Here, we are not saying to go out of print, publishers can never be out-of-print but this technological evolution results in lower costs that in turn results in high profits for publishers.

Graphics and Visualisations

Modern technology can bring some extra information on every page makes maps, graphics, and visualizations in an easy way to allow the reader to explore. The right use of latest trends in designing makes pages fascinating.

Video and Audio

Video is considered the most effective tool to draw readers’ attention, and publishers are presenting articles with video clips, often streamed to save on download sizes.


Apart from the basic animations, to publishers are creating animations that add real depth to the content. These animations not only attract readers but make a magazine stand out in the market.

Online Marketing

Apart from various techniques and innovations, the most important update that modern industry has introduced is the online market. Earlier, marketing was limited to a particular region or city. But with the emergence of numerous advertising techniques like SEO, SMO, and other paid marketing have made it possible to promote your product or service across the world. It is mainly helpful for small startups that cannot invest a lot in the market and do not have a lot of clients.

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