US-based – A private tutoring company launching in India

US-based — a private tutoring company which features 150+ well-educated, personable academic tutors — is expanding into India with its first online English webinar called “Writing The Academic Essay”. Its first offering will be on February 22, 2020, from 5 PM-6 PM India Standard Time (IST) and company Founder/CEO Michael Hoeft will be putting on the course himself. If interested in signing up for this online course or any other courses focused on learners in India, you can always find information on or via email at

“Communicating through writing in an academic setting can help set the stage for all other types of writing and communication throughout someone’s entire life.” A 2001 UCLA English BA graduate Michael has seen how important writing has been in his own life and has an affinity for global learners who wish to improve their English language writing skills since “they oftentimes have a passion and excitement for learning English communication that is a delight to behold.

Why wouldn’t someone like me want to work with Indian learners and eagerly seek to help them achieve their life goals through live educational courses such as those that we offer here at Learnhall?”

Launched in the summer of 2016, boasts dozens of 5-star google reviews regarding its tutors and their face-to-face and online tutoring services. Indeed, many of its service providers hail from competitive universities such as Columbia, Cal Berkeley, University of Michigan, UCLA, and Harvard.

Hoeft concludes about this exciting foray into the east: “India has a culture where education is truly valued and we relish the opportunity to serve this community. We have developed a comprehensive English education program whereby we can assist with the TOEFL, IELTS, and/or myriad English Writing & Grammar Courses that are all LIVE and ONLINE so learners in India can take them from the convenience of their own home, cafe, school, or learning center AND they can take them from highly-educated English BA-holders domiciled in the US.

We want Learnhall to be one of the companies that Indian students and their families think of when they are looking for live online English education from top-tier US educators.”

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